The Digital Arms Race: Mastering the Skills to Acquire, Convert & Retain your Customers

August 29-31, 2016

Join us in San Francisco as we explore actionable tactics to successfully acquire, convert and retain new customers as well as strategies to develop a winning digital strategy for your business

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What to Expect

The world has changed and we are in a digital arms race to deliver our customers with the most relevant, personalized, targeted and accessible information and experience, whenever they need it, in a faster, friendlier, and more efficient format than our competitors. But, as the goal posts constantly move and the landscape shifts it is impossible to keep your head up from your day job and take the time to look around and reassess whether what you are doing, or have always done, is the most efficient and effective to harness and unlock the full potential that having over 3 billion connected devices worldwide presents to marketers and businesses.

Best practices are not going to put you at the front of the pack, you need the imagination, the drive, the tools and the skills to innovate, evolve and succeed… and that’s where we come in. Celebrating our 18th year in San Francisco we have a brand new format this year designed to completely dissect, re-invent and lead the discussion and strategy around carefully selected topics that are going to take your skills to the next level and drive your business forward to serve and reach your customers more effectively.