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Doug Busk

Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media

Leigh Heyman

Director of New Media Technologies, Executive Office of the President

The White House

Avinash Kaushik

Author: Web Analytics 2.0, Digital Marketing Evangelist

Bonin Bough

VP, Global Media and Consumer Engagement

John Gagnon

Bing Evangelist

Jinal Shah

Global Digital Strategy Director

Brian Solis

Award-Winning Author, Futurist and Principal Analyst

Melissa Walner

Global SEO Director

John Yembrick

Social Media Manager

Jason Miller

Group Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media

Randi Zuckerberg

Founder and CEO

Victor Lee

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

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Educating marketers for over 15 years, ClickZ Live (formerly SES Conference & Expo) is the most cutting-edge, all-encompassing digital marketing event series in the world today.

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Europe: Chris Williams, +44 (0) 208 0809 378
Asia: Polly Hochio, +852 3411 4823

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ClickZ Live gave me more insights and information on how to improve my digital marketing in 3 days than I could have researched in an entire year.

Suzanne Dibben, Internal Acquisition Marketing Manager, American Express

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It's like drinking from a water hose there's so much information.

Becky Reed, Assistant Director of Marketing, Drake Software

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The material I learned from just a single session alone made it worth attending the conference

Sam Gomez, VP Digital Marketing, Sony Music

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If you don't attend you will miss a wealth of information you are unable to obtain anywhere else.

Janine Leggit, Marketing Manager, Delticom

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The entire event got my mind going 150 MPH coming up with ideas to apply to our business.

Trevor Tran, Social Media Director, Designer Living Inc.e

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If you can only go to 1 digital conference in a year, this is the one to go.

Andrea Yao, Conversion Rate Optimization Lead, Avvo

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All top Chinese retailers, banks and internet companies share mobile data in earning releases. None of the top 10 US retailers do, nor does Google. US banks and Facebook are better.

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Ofcom dives into ‘digital detox’ data in new report

The 2016 Communications Market Report from Ofcom has shed some fresh light on the latest behavioural trends of UK consumers and how ... read more

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Digital transformation is a phrase that pops up in corporate mission statements and makes for interesting debates around the office coffee dispenser.

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30 best Instagram marketing tools for your business

Instagram marketing is becoming more interesting with the introduction of its own tools, but we may still feel the need to use further platforms for more detailed insights, management, curation, monitoring.

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