Agenda Day 2

Thursday, 4 December 2014

08:30 Breakfast
09:15 Chairman's Opening Remarks
Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale and Operations, SAP

Details to follow.

  • Rudratej Singh Keynote Speaker:
    Rudratej Singh, VP HPC & Food Marketing Operations, Unilever
10:15 Networking Break

Aligning the right content with the right prospect at the right time is essential for success. Join this session and learn how to map an innovative content strategy to drive engagement and profits. Key takeaways include:

  • Importance of Content
  • Developing relevant content that helps your customer
  • Quantity vs. Quality
  • Speaker:
    Rupali Shah, Digital Marketing Strategist, Fuji Xerox

Most marketers only talk about one channel; however our audience engages all channels from offline to online. With this in mind, before deciding the media budget break down, the marketer should understand how to display influence the search, how to measure the relationship between them, and how to maximize the role of each channel. Not just understanding media spend but also understanding user behavior is key to increase ROI. Landing page optimization is an important tactic and analyzing user patterns will also help to optimize both display and search campaigns.

Join this session and experience illustrations of real life campaign results whilst obtaining a full understanding of the principle of performance marketing. Key Takeaways include:

  • How display impacts your brand search
  • How generic terms can lift your brand term in paid search
  • How to decide the budget breakdown between display and search
  • Why landing page optimization is important
  • Analyzing your target audience for better ROI
  • Speaker:
    Mark Kum, Head of Digital Interaction, GroupM Korea

Most of us will have a LinkedIn account which we use for our own branding, but does everyone know how to make the most out of it for their company? This session walks through how corporate comms, marketing and HR can come together to use a LinkedIn company page in order to engage existing employees to make them your greatest brand advocates. Learn how to engage current and potential employees, clients, suppliers, partners, shareholders and stakeholders of all kinds, using exceptional content to inspire social influencers.

  • Speaker:
    Chris J. Reed, Chief Marketing Officer, Black Marketing Asia
11:40 Change Over

Nowadays building a great customer experience requires having both the data and the expected customer journey. Analytics and Customer Experience comes hand in hand to deliver a greater impact for the business.

Join this session and:

  • Understand the importance of data
  • Create new opportunities with new generation Business Inteligence
  • Learn how to optimize web forms
  • Speaker:
    Pascal Ly, Head of Digital Customer Experience, Schneider Electric

Complementing your website with strategic SEO, SEM and retargeting practices is the future of digital advertising. To stay competitive in today's digital marketplace, businesses must develop and implement comprehensive and thoughtful campaigns, including the use of digital marketing and advertising practices to capture consumers where they are and in real-time. During the presentation attendees will learn how to create an effective, strategic campaign to optimize their use of SEO and SEM, and gain brand awareness across their digital properties by tapping into consumers' interests and purchasing habits.

Key takeaways include:

  • The key drivers of effective SEO marketing and reputation management strategy
  • How to leverage on SEO as a solution for negative brand mentions
  • How to convert target audiences into brand defenders
  • Speaker:
    Martin Li, Search and Performance Marketing Lead, SingTel

It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation and an afternoon to destroy it. In this session we'll walk through the different ways that your reputation can be impacted, how you should prepare for an issue, and how you should respond. We'll go through real life examples of companies that have encountered some form of online reputation hit, either of their own creation, or by a third party. We'll talk about what they did, and what they should have done, with real life tactics that can apply to your business. So regardless of whether it's a Facebook slip up, an erroneous tweet, or a negative search listing, we'll talk you through the steps to prepare and recover your brand's reputation.

12:30 Lunch Break
  • Defining the right mix of systems, tools and teams
  • Understanding key components for B2B
  • Where to start and key tips for a winning strategy

To retain or to acquire? Most marketers spend a major part of their budget on acquiring new leads. But do you know if your money is being used efficiently? 92% of website visitors won't buy. 50% of them only buy once. 70% abandon their shopping cart.

  • Why are most retailers paralyzed by data? And what steps do you need to take to overcome it?
  • Unlock hidden revenue - Hunt your existing customer down and turn them into real money!
  • Manage OUTCOMES not CHANNELS – think about what you're trying to achieve instead of serving all channels
  • Web visitors left without purchase? Plan for it and seize every chance of turning a prospect into a loyal customer
  • Speaker:
    Ben Glynn, Singapore Business Manager, Emarsys

If you're interested in engaging customers online, you're probably already posting content on social media. Even though the average company uses 6 social networks for marketing, they're largely "unsure" about the results. So how do you know what to post, and when, and where, if you want social ROI that really matters? A multi-channel content approach sounds like a lot, but a smart strategy has built-in opportunities to engage prospects and influencers. In this session we'll walk you through tips and tactics on strategic content for social.

You'll learn answers to common challenges, including:

  • How to tap into social conversations to create engagement-focused content
  • How to carry one content asset across your social pages for maximum ROI
  • What types of unique headlines, hash tags and interactions work on leading networks
  • How to get the right influencers to share your brand's message for better engagement and reach
  • Simple ways to measure success so you can make intelligent, efficient content choices
14:25 Change Over

Connected Life - a comprehensive study of 55,000 people in 50 markets - highlights the need for marketers to truly engage in multi-device, constantly connected world. Joe will discuss connected consumers and the implications for disconnected marketers; the session will also examine the direction that marketers need to take in a 'screen-stacked' world. Key takeaways will include:

  • The connected consumer – APAC: insights into attitudes and behaviors in some of the most digitally engaged markets in the world
  • The implications for advertisers: linking the opportunity to the brand objectives
  • Winning digital strategies in a connected world: precise targeting, compelling content, integrated activation
  • Speaker:
    Joe Webb, Head of Digital APAC, TNS Global
15:25 Networking Break

A lot of companies have increased their investments in online marketing because it is more measurable, as opposed to conventional media such as television. Tracking what leads to sales conversion, however, has become increasingly complicated. Everyone also knows last click or first click attribution are too simple to meaningfully represent today's Omni-channel ultra-connected consumer. Indeed, they can steer you in the wrong direction. So it's not surprising that multi-channel tools and attribution modeling are one of the hot topics in digital analytics. However, as with any technology, insights don't just magically appear on their own - you need to do some work.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn what different attribution models can and can't tell you
  • How to allocate your budget and set your targets
  • See how customizing models with your marketing priorities in mind will deliver new insights to drive efficiency
  • Crispin Sheridan Keynote Speaker:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale and Operations, Integrated Digital, SAP

One thing is certain about ClickZ Live: you'll absorb tons of new information. However, the more you know, the more you'll want to know. In this completely interactive, audience-driven session, members of the ClickZ Live Singapore Advisory Board join together for one time only to answer your burning questions that you may have forgotten to ask our speakers throughout the two days. Of course, the audience will be liberally peppered with other experts from the conference sessions, so if you don’t have a question yourself, just sit back and learn from others’ enquiries. It's a great way to wind up two days of solid learning by making sure that you wring out every last ounce of knowledge and that your online marketing efforts are totally optimized for success!

  • Speakers:
    Tuomas Peltoniemi, Head of Digital, TBWA\Digital Arts Network Singapore
    Chris J. Reed, Chief Marketing Officer, Black Marketing Asia
    Janice Chan, Senior Director of Marketing, Starwood Asia Pacific
17:15 Closing Remarks
Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale and Operations, SAP
17:30 Close of ClickZ Live Singapore

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