Agenda Day 1

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

08:00 Registration
09:00 ClickZ Live Welcome
Vivien Peters, Regional Director and Head of Asia-Pacific, Incisive Media
09:15 Chairman's Opening Remarks
Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale and Operations, SAP

Digital marketing isn't easy, and often it's incredibly challenging—especially for brands without inherent appeal or engagement. A brand may be a global leader in their industry, but how does that success translate into the digital space? Does anyone want to have a relationship with their toothpaste? Their computer? Their shoes? Does anyone search for juice? But the reality today is that everything is on the internet. Every category and every brand shows up in search, in e-commerce, in social mentions. And that means if you don't have a strategy for how to reach consumers in digital, then your brand is being haphazardly represented by others. This is a challenge faced by many in today's world. Come and hear how a global leader in healthcare has taken on this challenge and created campaigns that have won some of the top global awards in mobile and digital.

  • Jason Oke Speaker:
    Jason Oke, Regional Managing Director, Red Fuse Communications / WPP Team Colgate-Palmolive

Details to follow.

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Digitally mature companies enjoy advantages in efficiency and effectiveness in marketing, e-commerce, sales and customer service. "Digirati" are also 26% more profitable. But many businesses have realized that the road to Digital Excellence is paved with obstacles and challenges. During this presentation, John Sinke will share research from leading Management Consultants and his own personal experience of turning Resorts World Sentosa into a "Digital Business".

  • What is Digital Excellence and why is it important to your organization?
  • How do you develop a Roadmap for Digital Transformation?
  • What are the biggest barriers to "digital success" and how do you tackle them?
  • Speaker:
    John Sinke, AVP, Digital Marketing & e-Commerce, Resorts World Sentosa

Today's customers are truly hyper-connected; they are demanding revolutionary e-commerce experiences while becoming more and more challenging to reach. Customers demand more: more attention; more relevance; more personalization and more care in the way you communicate with them. So, what's the secret in demystifying customer engagement?

  • How to effectively engage your customers in a digital marketing sense
  • Successful and innovative strategies that marketers can add to their marketing arsenal
  • How to ensure, once you have the customer, that their experience is one that will have them buying and coming back again and again
  • Speaker:
    Darren Fifield, Head of Marketing Solutions, Asia Pacific, eBay Enterprise

Failing to make sense of data can lead to plenty of missed opportunities as brands are unable to take the correct actions. This session will guide you on how to deep dive into your web visitor information and illustrate basic web analytics tactics that can help you meet business objectives and determine future strategic decisions.

  • How do you make more sense of the visitor information you have collected?
  • How do you segment your visitors into meaningful groupings and tell a story from the data?
  • How do you interpret results and take actions to meet your organization's needs and objectives?
  • Leveraging multiple analytics tools across multiple channels
  • Forming an analytics strategy to gain key consumer insights
  • Speaker:
    Anshu Raj, Senior Regional Manager, Customer Analytics, Aegon Direct Marketing Services Asia Pacific
12:15 Change Over

The wearable technology industry will be worth USD70bn in the next 10 years. This session will focus on key trends and examples across industries to provide marketers food for thought on monetizing the opportunity.

Take homes include:

  • Key trends in wearable technology
  • Practical examples of companies using wearable tech to drive business
  • Opportunities for marketers to incorporate wearable technology in their plans
  • Speaker:
    Mandeep Grover, Regional Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical

Join this session and learn how Uber, over a period of time, have understood their client and driver experience and improved their systems to build features in order to meet their clients' needs, including those which are new and innovative. Key takeaways include:

  • Local, social, and paid channels as well as on-page/off-page
  • Best practices for each channel
  • How a cross-channel integrated strategy helps convert customers
  • How businesses can focus on local customers and how to capture them from the local ecosystem
  • "Sticky features" of Uber and how these have been identified and built upon
  • Localizing features for clients upon company expansion and reaching scale globally
  • Speaker:
    Vidit Agrawal, Senior Operations Manager, Uber Singapore

Big data has changed the way that marketers reach and engage their target audiences online. Just as importantly, data can be used to segment and reveal the unique needs and interests of prospects to enable smarter, more effective marketing.

Learn how data, display and social advertising can be used to:

  • Reach the right business audiences online and optimize for lead generation
  • Nurture leads beyond the email inbox
  • Support other programs in your marketing mix and make a measurable impact beyond lead generation
12:55 Lunch Break

CMOs are increasingly taking on the budgets and responsibilities of CTO/CIO and becoming the ones to drive innovation in their business.

Whether you are looking to make the transition to CEO status this year or in 5 years’ time, this session will further explore the skills required to retain the role & stay relevant in the market to become a modern day CMO.

  • Speaker:
    Ronald C. Vining, Chief Brandaffeine, BrandInflux

It’s passé to say that “marketing is dead” but it certainly is changing. This is no more pronounced than in digital marketing, where the pace of change is only surpassed by the degree of disruption that digital technology is causing in most industries.

As more marketers find themselves responsible for creating real business impact through their campaigns, User Experience is emerging as an alternative discipline which can help marketers deliver consistent results – both to customers and within their own business.

But what is User Experience Design? How does it work? Is it even necessary?

Key audience takeaways:

  • Learn what User Experience Design is, when and why to use it, and how it fits within a larger marketing strategy
  • Understand the motivations behind customer behavior online, and how to influence it.
  • Learn several “behavior hacks” that you can use to influence customer behavior right now.
  • Speaker:
    Kristin Low, Co-Founder, On-Off Design and Technology

Location for a business is a treasure trove of data, often captured from current WiFi, beacons, and other interactive data points or sensors. Capturing local data, measuring local traffic, even divining Local Intent, are all on the roadmap for businesses large and small.

The LBS market is now being forecast to be almost $50Bn by 2019 and marketing professionals and business executives alike need to understand its reach, impact and capabilities to deliver real value.

This session will focus on the emerging Location-based capabilities and how those are being leveraged to deliver innovative new opportunities and business models in various industries. Attendees will learn the steps that every business can take to incorporate LBS marketing into its mix in addition to hearing details of various interesting and innovative use cases that are starting to emerge across the globe.

Key takeaways include:

  • How does LBS work and how is it being used to deliver innovative business models and revenue generation to various industries.
  • How are engagement strategies evolving and how can they be maximized to deliver personalized content directly to the clients' browsers.
  • Case study demonstrating the above mentioned innovative marketing capabilities.
  • Speaker:
    Brendan O'Brien, Director Global Marketing, Cisco
14:35 Change Over

Join us at the Meet the Experts roundtables, where you will have a unique opportunity to learn, network and share information with your peers and leading industry specialists. With a choice of several roundtable discussions focusing on different key topics hosted by our industry experts, this session is not to be missed! Simply choose the roundtable of most interest to you and join the discussion. You can either stay at the same table for the duration or move freely between tables.

  • eWallets: Mobile Payments, Loyalty & Fulfillment
  • Digital Engagement In Retail
    Ben Glynn, Singapore Business Manager, Emarsys
  • From Driving Loyalty To Leads Reactivation. How To Effectively Utilize Segmentation In Email Marketing?
    Maciej Ossowski, Director of Market Expansion, GetResponse
  • Mobile Advertising
    Ronald C. Vining, Chief Brandaffeine, BrandInflux
  • Streaming Services in TV, Radio, Music, Film
    Sebastian Schaffarczyk, Business Consultant, Secret Gig
  • Creating Content People Actually Care About
    Geoff Griffiths, Client Services Director, Builtvisible
  • Perfect Your Online Remarketing Campaigns and Improve Your ROI
    Ian Darric Macariola, Head of Digital Marketing,
  • Customer journeys - helping your business evolve through staying relevant to your customers’ needs
    Jess Whittaker, Strategic Accounts Consultant, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Asia, Exacttarget
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Neuroscientists now believe that as much of 90% of our behavior is driven by subconscious brain processes. So traditional market research that relies on measuring consumers' conscious responses is only capturing the tip of the iceberg in terms of the multitude of non-conscious feelings and motivations that consumers retain about a brand, product or campaign. Neuromarketing (the application of neuroscience to marketing) now allows companies to tap into consumers' subconscious emotions and predict their behavior with much greater accuracy than relying solely on their spoken feedback.

In this talk, the audience will hear from the world's leading provider of commercial online implicit research tools and gain insight into:

  • How are consumers' non-conscious emotions responses captured online, quickly and cost effectively?
  • What kinds of marketing questions can be addressed using these tools?
  • How can implicit association tests be integrated with conventional qualitative and quantitative market research to give greater predictive accuracy?
  • How do these tools compare to others in the neuromarketing sphere and traditional research techniques?
  • Gemma Calvert Speaker:
    Gemma Calvert, Founder, Neurosense

In the beginning it was easy. In the list of 10 blue links, the object of the exercise was to get yours ranking higher than the competitor. Stuff some keywords in here, a few more there, fake some linkage data, and hey presto!

How far we've come. It's no longer just about those 10 blue links. Today, we're dealing with "likes" and "follows" as we are constantly connected multiple devices: phones, tablets, game consoles, connected TVs, and more. As the Internet continues to grow exponentially and wearable's become more commonplace, people are becoming even more connected to things that are connected to other things. They randomly speak commands and queries into objects, large and small, where browsers have virtually become "persona non grata."

In this session we'll take a look at the evolution of search engine optimization, paid search, and the challenges that advances in information retrieval science have brought to the game. And as a digital marketing warrior who has battled and survived through the years, I'll also take a few educated guesses at where it's all going next.

  • Speaker:
    Mike Grehan, CMO & Managing Director, Acronym
17:30 Closing Remarks & Networking Drinks Reception

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