Learn with Google

Learn with Google is an on-site dedicated track held in the "Learn with Google Classroom". Sit in on a session (or all 5!) to learn tips and techniques from expert Googlers on remarketing, mobile, local, display, analytics and more.
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Day 1 (Tuesday, August 11)


Driving App Downloads: Introductory Best Practices

Learn with GoogleWith so many mobile apps out there, how can you get folks to find and download yours? Once they've installed your app, how do you keep them engaged so that they keep coming back to your app? In this presentation, we'll show you how to set up your campaigns to start driving downloads and grow a valuable user base for your mobile app. Then we'll talk about how to start using AdWords to encourage them to keep using your app over and over again.


Better Together: AdWords and Google Analytics

Learn with GoogleDetermining success in your AdWords account often comes down to what happens after the click. Analyzing what happened after a click on your ad delivers an enormous amount of insight that can dictate your strategy moving forward. This session dives deep on reporting techniques both within AdWords and across AdWords and Google Analytics. Find out how you can generate the types of insights that lead to sustained account success.


Mobile Must-Haves For All Marketers

Learn with GoogleThink your website is delivering the experience that consumers want on their mobile devices? Are you driving paid traffic to your mobile site in an optimized way? This session covers all of the tools advertisers should have in their arsenal to connect with mobile users and create mobile website experiences that maximize conversions.


Win your Consumers on the Digital Shelf

Learn with GoogleShoppers behavior is constantly changing, and it's a challenge to keep up with growing consumer expectations while running your business. In this session, learn what you need to do win the digital shelf with Google Shopping. Find out how to encourage click behavior, using the latest tools to optimize your Shopping campaign and drive more sales.


Keywords, Ads & Quality Score: Rethinking The So-Called Basics Of Paid Search

Learn with GoogleCritical parts of a user's journey in AdWords are taken for granted at times. With so many new features being released to improve AdWords, it's easy to overlook your keywords or ads. However, they're the foundation of your account and the ultimate deciding factor of account success (which isn't always reflected in your Quality Scores). After working extensively with the people that built and maintain AdWords, the Best Practices Marketing Team will be presenting Google's point of view about what truly makes for a healthy account.

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