Agenda Day 3

Thursday, August 14, 2014

8:30-3:00 Registration

Learn how a Bay Area startup put A/B testing to work in order to uncover insights about their product, their users, and ultimately grow their revenue. Using a structured approach, nearly doubled their revenue in less than 6 months time. In this session, you'll see the structured approach and a/b tests that produced these results.

  • Speakers:
    Alhan Keser, Senior Conversion Strategist, WiderFunnel
    Alexander Volkov, Director of Business Development, ImageShack
  • Leveraging and segmenting the right data to convert
  • Effectively test, measure and improve campaign performance
  • What tools and metrics to use along the way
  • Speaker:
    Jennifer Vickery, Director of Paid Media, Nebo Agency

We've all heard the saying "the only constant is change." This couldn't be more true in the data-driven world of email. Marketers are faced with so many questions that seemingly never have the same answer twice: How long should my subject line be? How often should I email my subscribers? What is the right content to engage my list? This session will help you optimize your approach for continued engagement and ROI through testing and targeting.

  • Continuous optimization and agility: Even small things can make a difference
  • Data-driven approach: Using data to connect with your customers with the right content at the right time
  • Measuring impact: Isolating performance lift and determining your next steps
  • Engaging customers: Discover your best customers and how to find more
  • Speaker:
    Katie Seegers, Email Manager, Amazon Local,
10:30-11:00 Morning Coffee Break
  • What to measure and how to effectively measure it
  • Convincing the C-Suite with compelling metrics
  • How to use analytics as the basis to your future strategy
  • Speaker:
    Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google

Chartbeat reports that 2/3 of native advertising doesn't adequately capture the attention of audiences. Join Grey and partner Nativo to learn how to be among the 1/3 of native advertisers who are breaking the scales on their engagement KPI's, and realizing never-before-seen levels of attention. Key takeaways include:

  • The 3 critical components of successful native advertising
  • Examples of breakthrough native content
  • Native content do's and don'ts
  • How to scale native content that works
  • Speakers:
    Chris Rooke, VP of Strategy and Operations, Nativo
    Daryl Wong, Media Supervisor, Grey

The Direct Marketing Association projects that email marketing returns $28.50 for each dollar spent - the highest return-on-investment (ROI) of any other direct response channel. Join this session to learn how organizations are optimizing their email marketing efforts to improve opens, clicks, conversions and ROI.

This fast-paced session will provide real-world examples of inexpensive strategies and tactics you can implement with your own email program. It will cover:

  • Subject line tips and other tactics to help you generate and maintain above average open rates
  • Content strategies and other ways to motivate more of your subscribers to click
  • Landing page optimization and other cost-effective ways to boost your conversion rates
  • Simple but often overlooked ways to increase the ROI on every email you send

You'll leave with at least a half dozen ideas for things you can test and implement to improve the performance of your own email program.

  • Speaker:
    Jeanne S. Jennings, Consultant, Email Marketing Strategy,, Inc.
12:00-1:00 Networking Lunch

The sporting world has been slow to adopt digital marketing as a platform for fan engagement and growth. The industry heavily over indexes in usage of OOH, print, TV, and radio, usually branding media outlets, and is under-indexed in direct response. Sq1 and the Trail Blazers address how to develop a ticket purchasing process that is optimized for easiest fan engagement and a media plan that utilizes the right mixture of brand and direct response tactics in order to fill seats and drive a whole new demographic of fans to buy.

  • Speakers:
    Dewayne Hankins, VP of Marketing and Digital, Portland Trail Blazers
    Gabe Winslow, Partner, Sq1

Programmatic technology has brought a great amount of efficiency to the world of online advertising, but it has also brought some misconceptions, such as the fact that algorithms can replace the human side of the business, allowing marketers to "set and forget" when it comes to digital ad buying. That's not the case at all. Like automated exchanges in other businesses, programmatic advertising is actually creating the need for more human oversight and expertise. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of B2B advertising, where using the best data and matching ads to the appropriate consumers is still as much of an art as it is a science. This presentation will demonstrate how programmatic is merely a set of tools, and without marketing knowledge, those tools don't work.

  • Speaker:
    Ben Maitland, EVP, Sales and Marketing, Multiview

A financial institution drives open rates of 70%, and 21% conversion on their messages! A retail cataloger goes into panic mode if their engagement metric drops below 51%! A B2B company strives for 100% engagement and they sure come close!

What makes their campaigns compelling? What helps them drive phenomenal results? Why is email such an engaging channel for these brands?

Our 60-minute discussion will highlight best practices and lessons learned from industry leaders. Let these innovative, proven, and practical tips should guide your email marketing efforts.

  • Speaker:
    Sundeep Kapur, Digital Strategies, Allied Solutions

"So, what do we test?"

It's the million dollar question in landing page optimization, and having a solid testing strategy can bring you some serious results. Whether you're launching a new landing page or your existing one isn't bringing the results you'd like, this session will help you learn the nitty gritty when it comes to landing page optimization and testing, including:

  • Creating the ultimate targeted landing page
  • Develop and executing an optimization action plan
  • Uncover problems with your page and decide which elements to test
  • Testing across different segments to ensure top performance
  • Examples of leading landing pages
  • Speaker:
    Erin Everhart, SEO Manager, The Home Depot

Social Media Advertising can let you reach your target audience in new and powerful ways. With so many media options available, however, it can be confusing to target your audience and make your Ad spending as effective as possible. This session will show you how to use the latest segmentation techniques on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn to boost engagement, develop a better relationship with your audience and produce results.

  • Speakers:
    Sharon Crost, Senior Social Business Lead, Hitachi Data Systems
    David Reske, Founder and President, Nowspeed

What is the attention span of your email? How do you get a consumer to read through 30 lines, and view three different CTA's? How do you make sure that your email is understood? A personalized interactive smart video delivered in less than 90 seconds can make a powerful impact.

Interactive smart video is a new phenomenon that is improving the impact of email marketing. How does interactive smart video work and how can this enhance your email marketing?

Join us for a case study based discussion of a telecom leader, a financial institution and a major retailer. We will highlight content selection, segmentation, campaign analytics, branding, and actual conversion. All laden with tips to set course for your email marketing success!

  • Speaker:
    Sundeep Kapur, Digital Strategies, Allied Solutions
3:00-4:00 Conference Wrap-Up & Wine Down
4:00 End of Conference

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