Agenda Day 2

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8:30-6:30 Registration
10:30-11:00 Morning Coffee Break in the Sponsor Area
  • Underlining the uses for different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • How to implement mobile advertising on a limited budget
  • Beyond the main social platforms – Yelp, Google, and more
  • How to make your content integrated and personalized
  • Building an actionable framework for your audience
  • Coordinating multi-channel efforts
  • How successful organizations have become more efficient by aligning the CMO and CIO
  • Combining savvy marketing with key data and technology for crucial results

A lot of companies have increased their investments in online marketing because it is more measurable, as opposed to conventional media such as television. Tracking what leads to sales conversion, however, has become increasingly complicated. Everyone also knows last click or first click attribution are too simple to meaningfully represent today's omni-channel ultra-connected consumer. Indeed, they can steer you in the wrong direction. So it's not surprising that multi-channel tools and attribution modeling are one of the hot topics in digital analytics. However, as with any technology, insights don't just magically appear on their own, and you need to do some work.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn what different attribution models can and can't tell you
  • How to allocate your budget and set your targets
  • See how customizing models with your marketing priorities in mind will deliver new insights to drive efficiency
  • Speaker:
    Crispin Sheridan, Senior Director, Digital Scale, Integrated Digital, SAP
  • Best practices for creating video content that resonates
  • Boosting the visibility of your video in search results
  • Measuring the success of your video campaigns

Knowledge is being created and shared at unprecedented rates. People are now sharing original content, forming and joining virtual communities, organizing activities, tapping into the advice of others and sharing experiences at scale and without boundaries. This collective knowledge is enabling people to rapidly learn, act with greater confidence and influence others in entirely new ways. In fact, social is now the #1 use of the internet, with 94% using it to learn, 78% to share knowledge and 49% to engage experts. With 2 billion social connections and more than 3 billion expressions per day, it's fueling the emergence of a knowledge economy and empowered individuals.

As social and mobile technologies become increasingly pervasive, the opportunity to engage people in new ways is profoundly changing the way we do business. With individuals expecting to engage when and how they want, organizations are tasked with encouraging and supporting collaboration for employees, customers, partners and citizens while keeping an unrelenting focus on user experience. How can they do this, while safeguarding the integrity of both the business and the brand?

The following will be discussed in the session:

  • Building a community across various channels
  • How to sustain and grow your audience and advocates
  • Case studies of brands doing it right
  • Speaker:
    Michelle Killebrew, Program Director, Strategy & Solutions, Social Business, IBM
  • What to automate and what not to automate
  • How to combine automation with human power for winning results
  • Creative and strategic techniques
  • Understand the consumer shift to mobile
  • Leverage innovative and effective mobile ads
  • Learn the latest mobile ad best practices
  • Get started with Yahoo Gemini in just minutes
  • Speakers:
    Leo Polanowski, Head of Client Service, Yahoo
    Joe Stephens, Senior Manager of Ad Strategy, Yahoo!
sponsored and presented by Yahoo Gemini
12:35-1:45 Networking Lunch

Local search marketing has evolved to the point that in order for brands to achieve maximum exposure in online search results, they must employ a sound local SEO strategy among their owned assets that complements existing business place pages within the search engines themselves. So how does a brand with multiple locations create a localized consumer experience for each one while driving increases in both online and store traffic? This session will provide attendees ideas and tactics around how to build a consistent local SEO strategy by using local landing pages, localized content, and local social media best practices for increased consumer engagement and conversion.

  • Speakers:
    Andrew Beckman, CEO, Location3 Media
    Jenya Denissova, Head of Channel Sales, Traditional Media, Franchise & Real Estate North America, Google
    Renae Fogarty, Director Internet Marketing, FASTSIGNS International

It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation and an afternoon to destroy it. In this session we'll walk through the different ways that your reputation can be impacted, how you should prepare for an issue, and how you should respond. We'll go through real life examples of companies that have encountered some form of online reputation hit, either of their own creation, or by a third party. We'll talk about what they did, and what they should have done, with real life tactics that can apply to your business. So regardless of whether it's a Facebook slip up, an erroneous tweet, or a negative search listing, we'll talk you through the steps to prepare and recover your brand's reputation.

  • Speaker:
    Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc.
  • Taking advantage of new technology to gain visibility
  • How to monetize this opportunity

Forget everything you know, or think you know about auditing an AdWords account! In this presentation, you will hear concrete answers to the quintessential SEM question - How well are my PPC campaigns doing? - and provide concrete steps on what to do if they're underperforming. You will learn:

  • Up To Date Competitive Benchmarks: What's a Good Click Through Rate? Conversion Rate? Quality Score? Cost per action? - This session will review easy ways to tell if you're beating the average or if your campaigns need work.
  • Live Account Audits: To demonstrate the dramatic difference between succeeding and failing at paid search, a live audit of two real-world, competing AdWords accounts will take place.
  • The 3 Key, Key Performance Metrics: There are thousands of key metrics in SEM. This session will show data which reveals the 3 metrics that track most closely to AdWords success, and why.
  • Secrets of the Top 1% of AdWords Advertisers: In this session review ad copy and landing page tactics employed by the top 1% of most successful advertisers.

Attendees will leave with a powerful new framework for auditing and troubleshooting PPC accounts.

  • Speaker:
    Larry Kim, Founder & CTO, WordStream, Inc.

In this session learn how a highly customized mobile experience yielded increased user engagement and key data insights. Understand how Nissan and The Spinifex Group designed a program with key technology that no other automotive brand is using to provide key data indicating what products, information and locations within the booth at an auto show were most popular and where attendees were spending the most amount of time. Find out more about how the concept was put together and how this information was used to create quality engagement and experiences for consumers.

  • Speakers:
    Ben Casey, VP, Digital Engagement Marketing, Project: WorldWide
    Erich Marx, Director, Website & Social Media Marketing, Nissan
  • Enhancing your social media with video marketing
  • How to combine these two channels effectively for multiple exposure

All consumers are digital consumers; yet, most companies don't have the strategic tools to deliver against what consumers will want next. What makes a digital consumer is not demographics or psychographics. It's behavior - and there are new patterns for thinking and doing that almost all digital consumers engage in.

In this in-depth presentation of digital ethnographic research conducted for The Digital Consumer Collaborative, we will describe how consumers think when assisted by digital devices and its impact on their decision-making, their ability to act spontaneously when a thought arises, their ability to 'queue,' and their expectations from digital in the next three years. We will describe the movement away from omni-channel to digital context.

This presentation will help you:

  • Think about digital context and its impact on technology and marketing strategy
  • Learn how customer journey and other strategic concepts must progress to address shifts in consumer decision-making
  • Think about what makes a 'created' moment
  • To design research to go deep into the future of how people will behave
  • Speakers:
    Roger Beasley, Chief Strategy Officer, Erwin Penland
    Jessica Correa, Vice-President, Marketing, Carpet One Marketing
    Martie Woods, Lead Strategist, Stone Mantel

In this must attend session, you will find out several different types of digital assets that you can add to your site, and then how to leverage those digital assets to take the greatest advantage of building your brand mentions, as well as optimizing these campaigns to reap the greatest benefits of your SEO and your SMM, and your content marketing campaigns. Boykin will show you a world where you don't have to think about "link building", or worry about google updates. The session will show you how you can create great digital assets, and have those shared and spread.

Some of the digital assets which Boykin will cover are: Infographics, quizzes, contests, guides, how to, news, widgets, and more.

  • Speaker:
    Jim Boykin, CEO and Link Building Ninja, Internet Marketing Ninjas
sponsored and presented by Internet Marketing Ninjas
3:15-3:45 Afternoon Coffee Break
  • Innovative mobile ad formats
  • Best practices on how brands are working mobile into their overall marketing strategy
  • Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Speaker:
    Lauren Weinberg, VP of Global Research and Insights, Yahoo

As consumers become more fragmented in their use of technology, brands need to be agile and strategic about how, when and where they reach them. Armed with this insight as well as massive amounts of data on ticket purchasers, Live Nation overhauled its digital offering, leveraging its website, data, offline assets, and more to create custom content programs and platforms for brands. From geo-fenced, contextually relevant and real-time updates, branded content, to integrated social media components, hear how the world's largest live entertainment company shifted their online strategy to connect with their 400 million and counting loyal fans, everywhere they are. Attendees in this session will learn how to:

  • Utilize your data to effectively reach and engage with your consumer base
  • Create and attract viewers to original video content hosted on your website
  • Build a website as a social hub to engage with fans
  • Speaker:
    Jeremy Levine, SVP, Digital Sales, Live Nation
  • Effectively distributing your budget across the right channels for your business
  • Investing in the right platforms to achieve results
  • How to select the right tools for your business
  • Capitalize on key tools to help measure and make key business decisions
  • Combining SEO tools with other tools across your marketing campaign

The race is on for dominance in brand and platform dominance in Social and the lead horses have come to share their insights. With the never ending myriad of Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Retargeting, Mobile and every iteration of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+... we need to get a bigger picture sense of what is important and why. And that's exactly what this panel will nail. Budget priorities, staffing, strategies and the how to's behind what working and not.

  • Moderator:
    Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Institute
  • Speakers:
    Shannon Sullivan Duffy, Head of Marketing, Direct Response Products, Facebook
    Jeanette Gibson, VP, Community & Customer Experience, Hootsuite
    Jasmine Maleknia, Head of Social Media, AirBnB
5:30-6:30 Happy Hour sponsored by Stone Temple Consulting
6:30 End of Day Two

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