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Agenda Day 1

Each session is carefully programmed by our expert content team, as well as the editorial teams at ClickZ and Search Engine Watch. Our promise is to deliver an ROI—not just on the event as a whole—but for every session that you attend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
8:00-6:30 Registration and Morning Coffee Break in the Networking Zone (Networking Zone open 8am-6:30pm)
8:50-9:00 Conference Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:00-9:50 Matt Idema Opening Keynote
Filling The New White Space: Influencing Consumer Intent on Mobile
Matt Idema, Global Head of Ads Marketing, Facebook
Data-Driven Marketing
Content Innovation
Next Generation Search
Learn with Google
Chair: Track Sponsor: NeboBrian Easter Simon Heseltine Carey McKearnan
10:00-10:45 Data and Content: Using Science to Drive the Art
Paul Josephsen, Thrillist Media Group
The Context Connection: Tailoring Content to Engage Consumers in Real-Time
Sarah LeBlanc, LPL Financial
Keywords are Dead: The Zombie Search Apocalypse
Michael Stricker, SEMrush
Marketing Transformation and the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technology Officer
Shawn Goodin, The Clorox Company
Using Remarketing on Search and Google Display to Re-engage Past Site Visitors
Tran Ngo, Google
Learn with Google
10:45-11:15 Morning Coffee Break
11:15-12:00 STOP YELLING! Your Real-Time Data is Trying to Talk
Christian Busch, Indiegogo
How to Achieve Mind-Blowing Content Marketing ROI
Jason Miller, LinkedIn
UX + SEO = Experience Optimization (XO)
Antonio Casanova, Starcom MediaVest
Shannah Pittman,
Demystifying Data: Truly Understanding Your Customers
Thoryn Stephens, American Apparel
Better Together: AdWords and Google Analytics
Sean Quadlin, Google
Learn with Google
12:10-12:55 Context is King: The Secret Sauce for Data-Driven Decisions
Andy Ramm, Alexa
Why Customer Intent Should Drive Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Eric Enge, Stone Temple Consulting
Sean Kainec, The Home Depot
New List of Action Items for Internet Marketers...and more!
Jim Boykin, Internet Marketing Ninjas
Serving Up Customized Content: Recipes for Creating a Culture of Innovation
Jason Hobbs, The Muse
Jessica Rhoades, Fandango
Conversions: Capturing and Counting Them All
Antony Ho, Google
Phil McDonnell, Google
Learn with Google
12:55-2:00 Networking Lunch (sponsored by Radius) sponsored by Radius Intelligence, Inc.
2:00-2:30 How Can Analytics Inform Better Content?
Bryan Sartory, TrackMaven
Driving Customer Engagement Through UGC & Instagram
Loren Mattia, Z Gallerie
From Clicks to Conversions: Capitalizing on the Growing Mobile PPC Market
Carrie Albright, Hanapin Marketing
Julia Stead, Invoca
The Programmatic Boom: Elevating Campaigns by Integrating Richer Ad Experiences
Oscar Garza, Essence
2:35-3:20 Data Storytelling: Decoding the Stories Your Data is Trying to Tell You
Scott Bartlett, GSMA
Jennifer Vickery, Nebo Agency
Native Ads: The Power of Blending In to Get Noticed  
Lauri Baker, AOL
Kevin Knight, Pinterest
Know Thine Enemy: Linking Strategy Using Competitive Data
Damien Brown, Rentpath
Mobile First: Redefining Your Digital Strategy
Brian Doyle, ESPN
AdWords Product Manager Q&A Panel
Learn with Google
3:20-3:45 Afternoon Coffee Break in the Networking Zone
3:45-4:30 Adam Broitman Afternoon Keynote
Mobile Moments: MasterCard's Mobility Strategy
Adam Broitman, Vice President and Senior Business Leader, Global Digital Marketing, MasterCard
4:30-5:15 ConversationZ & CocktailZ with the Experts
5:15-6:00 Bubbles, Bites and Banter (sponsored by Stone Temple Consulting) sponsored by Stone Temple Consulting
6:00-8:00 ClickZ Live Casino Night
Day 2  
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