Agenda Overview

This year's agenda focuses on customer engagement and attaining maximum ROI through online marketing efforts across paid, owned & earned media.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
7:00a-6:30p Registration
8:00a-8:45a Pre-Keynote Crash Course
Overview of Today's Digital Media Landscape
8:30a-9:00a Morning Coffee
9:00a-10:00a Randi Zuckerberg Conference Welcome & Opening Keynote
10 New Media Trends Shaping the Lives of Modern Consumers
Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO, Zuckerberg Media and Editor-in-Chief, Dot Complicated
10:00a-10:30a Grand Opening of the Exhibit Area (Open 10:00a-6:30p)
Tracks: Business Intel Paid Owned Earned Integrated Learn with Google
10:30a-11:30a For Good Measure: Effective Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling Attract, Engage, Convert: Smart Paid Media Tactics Data Deep Dive: Understanding the Voice of the Consumer Creative Content Marketing: From Strategy to Execution The Scoop on Converged Media: From Paid, to Owned and Earned The Profit Driven Marketer: Being There in More Moments that Matter
11:30a-11:45a Session Interval
11:45a-12:45p The Marriage of Brand and Agency: Selecting the Right Agency for Your Business Remarketing and Behavioral Ads: What's New? Local Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses Rethink B2B Marketing: How to Turn Your Brand into a Digital Campaign Success Story Sponsored:
Building Trust with Your Online Audience
sponsored and presented by Trustpilot
Don't Miss the Shift: Capturing & Converting Multi-Screen Consumers
12:45p-2:00p Networking Lunch
2:00p-3:00p Sponsored:
Enterprise Search Center of Excellence: Untangling Your Decentralized Mess
sponsored and presented by Acronym
Next Generation Targeted Social Advertising: Leveraging New Ad Formats & Platforms Assess. Diagnose. Fix: How to Become a Leading SEO Mechanic The Power of Visual Storytelling: Building Brand Advocacy, Loyalty and Engagement From Landing to Converting: Driving Your Prospects to Purchase Maximizing Sales by Reaching & Engaging Qualified Customers
3:00p-3:30p Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Area
3:30p-4:30p The Analytics Swiss Army Knife: How to Mix and Match Tools to Home in on Consumer Intent The Rise of Native Advertising: Connecting Brands & Consumers with Effective Content Distribution Unlocking the Secrets to Mobile Video: YouTube Capture, Instagram & Vine Money for Nothing & Clicks for Free: Transforming Your Organization Organically Game, Set, ROI: Developing a Winning Search and Social Strategy Metrics for Success in the Mobile App Ecosystem
4:30p-5:30p Meet the Experts Roundtables
5:30p-6:30p Networking Cocktail Reception sponsored by Stone Temple Consulting sponsored by SEMPO
9:30p-late ClickZ Live Launch Party
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
8:00a-5:30p Registration
8:00a-8:45a Pre-Keynote Presentation
The Power of Branding Moments - Best Practices in China
sponsored and presented by Baidusponsored and presented by Gridsum
8:30a-9:00a Morning Coffee
9:00a-10:00a Morning Keynote
Andy Beal Reputation Roadkill: Learning From the Biggest Brands' "OMG" Moments
Andy Beal, CEO of & Co-Author of Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online
10:00a-10:30p Coffee Break in the Exhibit Area (Open 10:00a-3:15p)
Tracks: Business Intel Paid Owned Earned Integrated Learn with Google
10:30a-11:30a Big Data Uncovered: How to Gather, Analyze and React to Key Data Insights Facial Coding - A New Model For Video Measurement Getting Your Site Found: Architect Your Way to the Top Influence the Influencers: The Magic of Co-Created Social Content Paid/Organic Social Psychographic Content Distribution! Conversion, Social Signals & Community Building Expanding Your Reach with Shopping Campaigns and Mobile Product Listing Ads
11:30a-12:30p Meet the Experts Roundtables Maximizing Relevance with Location-based Advertising
12:30p-1:45p Networking Lunch
1:45p-2:45p 5 Spying Strategies You Can Use Today to Dominate your Competition Networks, Exchanges, Programmatic: Key Differences & Opportunities Badass Blogging: Transforming Your Blog into a Content Powerhouse Sponsored:
Jim Boykin Talks on SEO, Link Building, Authorship, Penguin & Tools
sponsored and presented by Internet Marketing Ninjas
Cracking the Inbound Marketing Code: From Traffic, to Leads, to Revenue Attribution Strategies to Inform Your Search & Digital Advertising Investments
2:45p-3:15p Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Area
3:15p-4:15p Beyond the "Like": Social Media Tracking, Testing & Targeting Mastering the PPC Challenge: Enhanced Campaigns, Adwords & PLA's Context Marketing using WiFi Location Services Hand in Hand: Combining Social and Content to Earn Visibility and $ Nobody Cares About Your Emails: 7 Advanced Tactics to Drive Engagement with Lead Nurturing  
4:15p-4:30p Session Interval
4:30p-5:30p Afternoon Keynote Panel
Digital Innovation Insights Driving Big Brand Awareness
5:30p-6:30p Agency Happy Hour sponsored by Incisive Media
Thursday, April 3, 2014
8:30a-3:00p Registration
9:00a-9:30a Morning Coffee
Tracks: Business Intel Paid Owned Earned Integrated
9:30a-10:30a How to Select the Right Media Buying Company for Your Business Ad Optimization in Multi-Channel Digital Advertising Responsive Design, Dynamic Serving, m-dot: Which Mobile Approach is Right for You? Lord of the Links: Earn Your Way to the Top with Quality Links Pushing the Envelope: Thinking Outside the Inbox to Optimize Clicks and Conversions
10:30a-10:45a Coffee Break
10:45a-11:45a Portrait of a Modern Marketer: Aligning Creativity and Analytics Maximize Your Real-Time Bidding ROI: Top 10 Missed Opportunities Innovative Campaigns - Engaging Customers with Interactive Video Performance Secrets of the Amazon 2014 Digital Marketing Trends: Big Campaign Wins
11:45a-1:00p Networking Lunch
1:00p-2:00p Revolutionizing the Customer Journey: How Segmentation Can Drive Advocacy & Acquisition Work Smarter not Harder: Campaign Automation to Drive Extreme Results Connecting with Your Consumer on the Move: Effective Mobile Marketing The Marriage of Social Media and PR: Making it Work for Your Brand CRM Retargeting and the CMO/CIO Evolution
2:00p-2:15p Session Interval
2:15p-3:15p Convincing the C-Suite: The Most Effective Analytics to Support Your Campaigns How to Implement a Winning PPC Auditing Framework Best Practices to Make the Most of Your Markups Screw Link Building: Creating Revenue from Relationships and Brand Ownership B2B Case Study - Ties, Tensions, & Reality of eBiz Integration
3:15p-4:15p Conference Wrap-Up & Wine Down

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