Training Workshops

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

8:00 Registration and Breakfast
Workshop 1

The Modern Marketer: Visionary, Technologists, Operative & Storyteller

Workshop 2

Programmatic Buying - It's here to stay!

Lead trainer: Ron Vining, BrandInflux
Lead trainers: Angie Chung, Httpool Asia
Tun Pang, HTTPool

Module 1
Introduction – The Marketing Function is evolving: How to identify the prerequisites needed to successfully fill The Modern Marketing role within an Internet of Things media landscape

  • Modern Marketing 101
  • Gain a true seat at the CXO table
  • Cross Channel, Multi-Channel, Omni Channel & Transmedia Marketing defined

Module 1
Introduction to programmatic buying 101

  • Defining what is programmatic buying
  • What is needed to start programmatic buying
  • The programmatic buying landscape
  • What are ad-exchanges, trading desks, demand-side platforms (DSP)
  • How real-time bidding works
10:00 Networking Break

Module 2
Visionary – Landscape, Audience & Creative: How the marketing roles, tools and market landscape have changed

  • Landscape – role, tools, market
  • Audience – social, mobile, global
  • Creative – advertising, branding
  • Resources – in-house, agency

ACTIVITY 1 - Becoming The Modern Marketer: Visionary

Module 2
Awareness to using programmatic buying

  • Why are corporates making the jump to programmatic buying
  • What size and type of inventory is available now
  • Inventory research – Live Site Demo
  • How premium inventory is becoming more accessible via PMP's and deals and packages
12:00 Networking Lunch

Module 3
Technologist – Innovation, Platform & Devices: How innovation can capture data, engage consumers and measure campaigns

  • Innovation – Capture Data, Directly Engage, Modify & Measure Campaigns
  • Platform – Flexible, scalable, cost effective
  • Devices - Dedicated Apps, Web-based Apps, Virtual & Physical Ecosystems

ACTIVITY 2 - Becoming The Modern Marketer: Technologist

Module 3
Maximizing the advantages to programmatic buying

  • What are you really trying to achieve?
  • Branding and performance
  • Using the correct platforms
  • How to navigate the user interface
  • Review, create and reporting on a centralized platform

Module 4
Operative – Strategy, Execution & Leadership: How an operative strategy can set plan, provide budget and gain support

  • Autonomy – Set the vision
  • Strategy – Plan, budget, support
  • Execution – Seat at The Table
  • Leadership – Inspire change, foster consensus, deliver results

ACTIVITY 3 - Becoming The Modern Marketer 3: Operative

Module 4
Brand Safety ensures your company is protected

  • Steps to ensure maximum protection
  • Talk with your agency
  • Take a second look at third-party data
  • Be wary of viewability issues and false attribution
15:15 Networking Break

Module 5
Storyteller – Brand Ambassador, Spokesperson & Content: How storytelling can unify an omni-content marketing campaign

  • Brand Ambassador – consumer, fan, advocate
  • Spokesperson – articulate, represent, distribute
  • Chief Storyteller – embody, captivate, motive

ACTIVITY 4 - Becoming The Modern Marketer: Storyteller

Module 5
Future Technology to Programmatic Buying

  • What advancement to be aware of (research into apps available via connected platforms)
  • Have corporates scratched the surface to programmatic buying?
17:25 Wrap-up
17:30 End Programme
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