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Thursday, November 19, 2015 ClickZ Training
8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast
8:30-12:30 Morning Workshop
Your Guide to Being a Content Marketing Rock Star!
Morning Workshop
Advanced Email Marketing: Driving Up Your Results
12:30-1:30 Lunch Break
1:30-5:30 Afternoon Workshop
The Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO
Afternoon Workshop
Understanding Web Analytics: Beyond Simple Reporting

Training workshops provide the practices, applications, and hands-on exposure you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. In-depth training in a small class setting ensures that your instructor is accessible for informal one-on-one or small group discussions. Whether you are a consultant, site designer, website owner, or in-house marketing professional, this is an opportunity to experience firsthand the latest developments in digital marketing. Regardless of your experience level, you will leave these intensive workshops with skills to improve your online business results.

Choose either a full day or half-day of training. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided to attendees with a full day workshop pass.

Workshop Descriptions

Morning Workshop 8:30-12:30
Kim McCumber

Your Guide to Being a Content Marketing Rock Star!


Kim McCumber, Founder & CEO, Floodlight Training & Consulting

Most brands realize the critical role of content in their overall marketing programs, but it's not as simple as posting a blog every week. Getting great results out of your content takes planning, dedication and taking a few specific steps to maximize the impact of every piece of thought leadership you create.
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How do you set goals for a content marketing program? What makes "good" content? Is content marketing the same thing as inbound marketing? We'll discuss these questions and more as we tackle everything from content creation to syndication and generating return.

To get the most out of this session, bring a piece of content from your own company or organization, like a whitepaper, long blog or anything else with some great information. The hands-on session will help you craft a great strategy around that content.

Topics covered:

  1. Content & Its Role in Marketing
  2. What Makes Content "Good"?
  3. Microformatting & Other Content Variations
  4. Content Marketing Process
  5. Sharing Content Effectively
  6. Using Content to Spark Conversation
  7. Role of Paid Marketing in Content Syndication
  8. Is Content and Inbound Marketing the Same Thing?

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to include content in their marketing program. This course is perfect for those new to content marketing and those looking for ideas to enhance their own content marketing program. And if your organization is pushing out 1-2 blogs a week to meet a "content requirement", this is a must-attend!

Morning Workshop 8:30-12:30
Sundeep Kapur

Advanced Email Marketing: Driving Up Your Results


Sundeep Kapur, Author, Email Yogi

Does your list respond well to your emails? Are your response rates higher than 70%? Is your email-marketing program an effective way to get a message out to your consumers? Is your deliverability top-notch? Does your email-marketing program need help? Join us for an advanced workshop focused on driving up your results with effective email marketing. Our email marketing master class will flow through these seven sections:
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1 – Introductions & goal setting: Getting to know you & your program

  • What company do you work for?
  • What do you call your email-marketing program?
  • Give me five reasons why I should sign up for your email program?
  • What do you think you need to do to improve your email-marketing program?
  • How large is your team that works on email marketing?
  • What three email marketing programs do you consider the best in the business?

Let us look at your metrics, and talk about your top challenges with email!

Interactive Exercise 1: Why should I sign up for your email-marketing program? What is your value proposition? How would you measure the success of your efforts?

2 – The right first steps

  • Creating the right expectations
  • White-listing your domains
  • The perfect subscription pages
  • Designing landing pages
  • Optimizing email marketing pages for search

Interactive Exercise 2: Let us design a sign-up page, a preference page, & a landing page for a campaign. Let us also build a search friendly page.

3 – Types of campaigns: perfecting your content

A message for every occasion – reason, season, lifetime campaigns; Newsletters –Informational – Sales - Welcome Series – Acquisition – Retention – Win-back – Informational – Branding – Alerts & Notifications.

Leveraging multi-media content for the message, landing pages, & follow up communications.
An analysis of what works best.

Interactive Exercise 3: One of two case studies – one focused on a multi-channel retailer, the second focused on improving a B2B marketing program.

4 – Data Strategies, Reporting & List Growth

  • Segmentation & list pulls
  • Testing – subject lines, content, multivariate, control groups
  • Driving list growth and reducing direct mail spend
  • Managing frequency & creating a calendar
  • Interpreting your reports
  • Tackling deliverability considerations

Interactive Exercise 4: Choose between a B2B or a B2C case study on designing an interactive recurring campaign series to communicate with your list.

5 – Look & Feel

  • Key design element considerations
  • Responsive design – designing for mobile & mobility
  • Real time considerations

Interactive Exercise 5: Campaign Review: Good, bad, and some really ugly campaigns.

6 – Content Creation, Sourcing, & "Optimization"

What can we do with all the content that you have? Best practices to use text, pictures, & video for email marketing. How do you source user-generated content? Best practices for consumer surveys. How to build an Insiders Club? Building rainy day campaigns, reusing old content, & repurposing email content for search.

Strategies on getting your recipients to keep your campaigns forever!

Interactive Exercise 6: Let us design multi-media content for frequently asked questions.

7 – Auditing your Email Marketing Program

  • Creating success measurement metrics for your program
  • Training your team on email best practices
  • Determining ROI from your email marketing
  • Top 10 considerations as you evaluate email service providers
  • The future of email marketing

Interactive Exercise 7: What 10 things would you do to improve your program?

Afternoon Workshop 1:30-5:30
Shari Thurow

The Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO

Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Ensure that search engines can efficiently crawl, index, and rank all site content by taking this practical, content-rich, and interactive training course for people with varying levels of SEO skills.
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You will learn technical SEO skills you can put to immediate use. We will look at how search engines view and analyze your website to help you:

  • Optimize your search listings
  • Increase relevancy of page content
  • Encourage link development and social citations

We will also explore the 8 steps for managing duplicate content. This step-by-step checklist will help developers or others diagnose site issues and ensure they're following best technical practices.

Includes best practice and real world examples together to help refine your technical SEO skills. Checklists included.

Topics covered:

  • Technical SEO challenges
  • Technical audits – what you should measure regularly and what you can skip
  • Diagnosing and fixing page templates
  • Developing a crawlable infrastructure
  • Factors that limit or prevent accessibility
  • Server response codes
  • Redirects & canonicalization
  • JavaScript & AJAX issues
  • Pagination guidelines
  • 8 steps for managing content duplication
  • Troubleshooting individual pages
  • Avoiding common (and costly) technical SEO pitfalls
  • Methodologies and checklists for improving site performance

Who should attend:

Anyone who develops and promotes websites as part of their work should attend this workshop!

Afternoon Workshop 1:30-5:30
Thom Craver

Understanding Web Analytics: Beyond Simple Reporting


Thom Craver, Director of Analytics, Acronym

So you built it. And they came. But what did they do? More importantly, what didn't they do? How can you get your visitors to convert? What should you measure? How do you improve?
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This workshop goes beyond reporting simple metrics and gets right into which metics will correlate directly to your organizations business objectives. With an emphasis on segmentation and tracking all inbound leads from organic, paid, email and social campaigns, you'll learn how to segment your visitors by actionable groupings to determine KPIs, draw conclusions and take actionable steps to increase your ROI.

Topics covered:

  • Collecting data properly
  • Analyzing metrics based on business objectives
  • Inbound Marketing Tagging
  • Segmenting for KPIs
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Models
  • Offline Conversion Tactics
  • A/B Testing for Optimization
  • Understanding Trends, Ebbs and Flows

Note: This session is not geared toward any particular analytics package. However, there are numerous examples and case studies using both Google and Adobe Analytics.

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