Training Workshops

Onsite Training is included in the All Access Pass; participants may also register for Training independently.

Training workshops provide the practices, applications, and hands-on exposure you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. In-depth training in a small class setting ensures that your instructor is accessible for informal one-on-one or small group discussions. Whether you are a consultant, site designer, website owner, or in-house marketing professional, this is an opportunity to experience firsthand the latest developments in digital marketing. Regardless of your experience level, you will leave these intensive workshops with skills to improve your online business results.

Choose either a full day or half-day of training. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided to attendees with a full day workshop pass.

Workshop Descriptions

Morning Workshop 8:30-12:30
Simon Heseltine

How to Develop an Integrated Content Promotion Plan for Search and Social


Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc.

As Search and Social become ever closer intertwined you need to ensure that you're creating the right content, and targeting it to the right users. This course will walk through all the steps from content creation to content promotion. While there's no guarantee that your content will go viral, this course will walk you through the steps your writers need to take to be as successful as possible for whatever type of content you're creating, and the mechanisms your developers need to put in place to help you get there.
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What you will learn over the course of the 4 hours:

An SEO Foundation:

  • Keyword Research
  • Getting your On Page SEO right
  • The Quality / Quantity balance
  • What you need to ask your Devs to do today

Content Planning:

  • Preparing for Event-based Content
  • Dealing with Templated Content
  • Dealing with Bespoke/Custom Content

Promoting your Content:

  • Google News - How it works, and how to get into it
  • Finding and Engaging Social Influencers
  • Broadening your Outreach across different networks
  • Engaging your own audience to encourage them to promote your content

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will best suit individuals who are either content creators, or are managing content creators. This workshop will start out with some basics as a foundation for the rest of the course, but then move more into the practical intermediate skills and strategies, to enable you to move your site to the next level.

Morning Workshop 8:30-12:30
Jeanne Jennings

Beyond Basics: Advanced Strategies and Tactics to Boost Performance of Your Email Marketing Program


Jeanne S. Jennings, Consultant, Email Marketing Strategy,, Inc.

The Direct Marketing Association projects that email marketing returns $28.50 for each dollar spent - the highest ROI of any other direct response channel, online or offline. Join Jeanne Jennings, Vice President of Global Strategic Services for Alchemy Worx, to learn how you can make your email marketing program more effective and more profitable.
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This fast-paced session will use case studies and real-world examples to show you how organizations large and small are better leveraging the email channel - and how you can incorporate these strategies and tactics into your own program. We'll cover:

  • Advanced Analytics: getting past opens and clicks into reach, influence, attribution, revenue and conversion metrics to help you evaluate and improve the performance of your email marketing efforts
  • Automation Strategies: creating effective triggered email series to onboard new subscribers, nurture leads and drive more revenue (hint: it's the content, not the technology, that will make you successful)
  • Content Marketing: making the most of content you have, simple ways to generate more and how to use it in combination with marketing messages to meet your bottom line goals
  • Strategic Testing: going beyond subject lines into landing pages, offers and wireframes as well as keys to getting statistically significant results

Bonus! Forward one of your email campaigns to Jeanne before the session; she'll incorporate it into the presentation and as a group we'll provide a gentle critique, including what's working and what you might test to improve performance.

Please plan to join us! You'll gain practical ideas you can take back, test and implement with your own email marketing program - to boost your bottom line performance and make you an email marketing rock star!

Afternoon Workshop 1:30-5:30
Thom Craver

How to Collect, Interpret and Use Your Web Analytics Data


Thom Craver, Vice President, Development and IT, Internet Marketing Ninjas

You've built your Web site. Now what? Is it generating revenue or is it still a cost center? Are people coming? Once they come to your site, what are they doing? Why is your conversion rate so low and your bounce rate so high? All these questions can be answered by interpreting your Web analytics data.
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This 4-hour training session will take you beyond the simple basics of checking web stats. You'll learn how to determine KPIs based on your business organization and tactics to measure them across multiple channels from search to social to online and offline campaigns.

The session is not dependent on any analytics platform, but does lean more toward Google Analytics.

What you will learn:

  1. A brief overview of Web metrics
  2. Determining useful metrics
  3. What metrics to include as part of your KPIs
  4. How to interpret KPI data to make business decisions
  5. How to determine conversion attribution from multiple channels
  6. How to dashboard and report your results

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will best suit individuals who have basic understanding of how to read your Web site statistics. This workshop will focus on intermediate skills and strategies, with a handful of advanced nuggets to make you a data-driven, decision-making rockstar.

This includes:

  • Marketing directors
  • Search marketing managers
  • In-House search engine optimizers
  • Content creators
  • Sales managers
  • Web site managers
Afternoon Workshop 1:30-5:30
Shari Thurow

Effective Navigation Design for the User Experience (UX)


Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Improving your website's navigation system is of the most cost-effective ways of increasing user satisfaction, engagement, and sales.
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In fact, poor navigation is the #1 reason that potential customers switch to a competitor website. How can you make your site's navigation system more engaging as well as more extensible?

This interactive workshop will provide you with a fundamental introduction to site navigation, as well as tools and techniques to help you make informed navigation choices for multiple devices - desktop/laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

We will explore a wide range of navigation components and menu styles. Bring your website and blog examples with you - this is a hands-on workshop with plenty of example dos and don'ts.

In this 4-hour training session, attendees will learn how to implement successful navigation system that communicates: (A) what content is about, and (B) a clear information that both web search engines and site visitors can accurately access, analyze, and interpret your content.

After attending, you will be able to:

  • Choose the best site navigation for desktop/laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Make desirable content accessible to users as well as technology.
  • Establish an effective labeling system.
  • Select the best navigation format for pages types.
  • Create and maintain effective wayfinder pages.
  • Avoid common (and costly) navigation and design mistakes.
  • Implement proven techniques and strategies for long-term results.
  • Leverage your site's internal link structure to boost search engine rankings...and conversions.

Topics covered:

  • Principles of navigation design
  • Purpose of navigation
  • Navigation as part of the user experience (UX)
  • Types of navigation
    • Global - placement and format
    • Local - when to introduce and what to include
    • Contextual - navigation for findability and discovery
    • Utilities - navigation for task support
  • Information scent and the 3-click rule
  • Top attributes of effective navigation systems
    • How many links to include
    • Click/tap affordance
    • Information scent
    • And more
  • Navigation formats
    • Menus
    • Footers
    • Tag clouds
    • Film strips
    • Carousels
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Pagination
    • Related links
  • How to test navigation
  • Navigation design dos and don'ts
  • What works and what doesn't, and why -- based on 20+ years of usability testing

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who designs, develops, and promotes websites as part of their work should attend this workshop!

For new and experienced web designers/developers: Website designers, developers, and other web professionals should understand the navigation components and styles that support business goals and user expectations.

For new and experienced marketers: Whether you are a new marketer or a seasoned veteran, this workshop will help you take your site navigation to the next level of effectiveness. (HTML knowledge is not required.) Learn how to increase page views...without sacrificing the user experience.