Social Optimization

As social media evolves, marketers need access to instant information about what's working and what's not. Learn best practices for engaging people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and new networks, then guide your colleagues to pursue winning strategies in a socially connected world. Check out these sessions on Social Spotlight, or view the full agenda:

Day 2 (Wednesday, November 18)

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Mastering the Millennial Market: Snapchat, Instagram and Beyond

  • Discover new ways to connect and engage with your audience to build brand equity
  • Develop content that inspires the new generation to share and connect with your brand
  • Learn tricks and tips from brands that are leading the way harnessing the power of millennials
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The Ultimate Strategic Guide to Conquering B2B Social

  • Develop brand advocates through social channels
  • Learn how to increase the relevance of your content marketing and social strategies
  • Define your metrics and goals through strategic analysis
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Social Commerce: Unlocking the Power of the Buy Button

  • Incorporate established social networks and communication to drive sales
  • How to capitalize on this growing trend to ensure that your brand wins in this space
  • Create brand value through the integration of social channels
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Empowering Brands through Collaboration: The Power of Influencers

  • Identify your brands leading influencers by pinpointing reach and relevance
  • Build and maintain a partnership that's authentic
  • Utilize metrics to track influencer impact and maximize opportunity
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Leveraging Visual Content to Add Value to your B2B Campaigns

  • How to break through the noise by creating engaging visuals
  • Learn the tools that businesses are using to create a visual strategy that gets real results
  • Unlock the potential of Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and more

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