Search Spotlight

It often all begins with search. Are you maximizing your efforts to bring consumers to your site? Do you know what's working and what's not? This track will help you improve your ROI from online marketing campaigns by looking at key SEO and Paid Search tactics that you should be focusing on. Check out these sessions on Next Generation Search, or view the full agenda:

Day 1 (Tuesday, November 17)

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First Impressions Count: Creating, Testing and Optimizing Landing Pages

  • Learn how to create sketch and buyer personas
  • Understand the main principles that make your landing pages more engaging
  • Uncover the secrets of optimizing your conversion rate
  • Test, analyze and measure your landing page for continued success
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Embracing Adwords Remarketing to Capture and Convert

  • Reach your target audience using various mobile remarketing strategies and best practices
  • Create customized display ads with Google's Dynamic Ad Builder and hear a case study describing the various ad types
  • Employ advanced tactics such as dynamic remarketing and automated bidding methods
  • Speaker:
    Joseph Kerschbaum Joseph Kerschbaum
    Midwest Account Director, 3Q Digital
    Diane Pease Diane Pease
    Inbound Marketing Manager, Cisco
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Building and Sustaining a Smart Algorithm-Proof SEO Strategy

  • Discover what to review on your landing pages, content strategy and target keywords
  • Uncover what's working and what's not to reevaluate new opportunities
  • Identify trends and feedback from your customers to determine gaps in site experience
  • Speaker:
    Carolyn Shelby Carolyn Shelby
    Director of SEO and SEM, Tribune Publishing
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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Demystifying Ranking Factors

  • Understand which features of pages and sites are most associated with higher rankings
  • Determine whether there is a real correlation between exact-match domains and rankings
  • Discover the prominent features of high-ranking results
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Competitive Bidding: Benchmarking with a Twist

Since Google loosened restrictions on Competitive Bidding, things have taken a nasty turn: Bid on competitors' Brand terms and send the traffic to your website in an effort to 'steal' a sale.

Well, what if you used Competitive Bidding for something completely different? What if you used competitive bidding as a type of competitive analysis-bid on your competitors' terms, and send the traffic to THEIR website. Why would you do that? How about to better understand your competitors' CTR, CPCs-and *even* Quality Score-just to name a few reasons.

Attend this session and:

  • See real world examples of Competitive Bidding with a discussion on results
  • Learn how you can execute your own Competitive Bidding tests
  • Brainstorm with fellow attendees on competitive bidding test opportunities to solve for your issues
  • Speaker:
    Kristina Smith Kristina Smith
    Director - Channel Marketing, Site Optimization, Adam & Eve

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