Learn the Latest Trends in Next Generation Search

It often all begins with search. Are you maximizing your efforts to bring consumers to your site? Do you know what's working and what's not? This track will help you improve your ROI from online marketing campaigns by looking at key SEO and Paid Search tactics that you should be focusing on.

Check out these sessions from the 2-day SES track on Next Generation Search, or view the full agenda:

Tuesday, November 4


Panda, Penguin, Penalties and More: Staying on Top of Algorithm Updates

Are you overwhelmed by what seems like constant Google changes, worried about lost traffic, or just not sure if there are any worthwhile SEO "best practices" left?

Here's the good news: Updated SEO tactics give marketers more benefits and potential ROI than ever before. The challenge is not to navigate around each new algorithm, but to create an SEO strategy that is not at risk of penalties and will not be affected by (or could even benefit from) the next major update.

Join us to learn:

  • How to build an SEO strategy that responds smartly to algorithm updates while carefully considering the future changes we know are coming.
  • What Google's machine learning updates and recent artificial intelligence acquisitions means for SEO.
  • How marketers can still attract more valuable search traffic to their site with the right approach.
  • Tips for successfully responding to penalties, and how to avoid them in the first place, with a first-hand account of a successful Google penalty recovery.
  • Moderator:
    Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc.
  • Speakers:
    Nate Dame, CEO and Founder, Propecta
    Matt Koulas, Senior SEO Specialist, Grasshopper

Diverse Paid Search Strategy Puts More Patients In Dr. Offices

Health care consumers want to find the information they need online-Chicago Style SEO and Advocate Health Care have partnered to create and execute digital paid search strategies to promote Advocate's physicians, Health eNews brand journalism website, and marketing campaigns to grow new patient appointments that increase ROI. This digital prescription is a potent mix of sophisticated use of nearly all AdWords products (search, Remarketing, RLSA, display...) as well as doses of Outbrain, Bing, and even Twitter.

Attend this session to:

  • Learn how Advocate created search marketing campaigns to successfully promote physicians and increase new appointments and measure ROI.
  • Find out more about how Advocate successfully launched a health news hub and is using it to promote physicians by blogging and promoting that content via Outbrain to gain national exposure and ultimately grow organic traffic.
  • Examine the SEM elements of a digital marketing campaign focusing on generating awareness of breast cancer and increasing online mammogram appointment to find new patients and generate ROI.
  • Moderator:
    Kevin Lee, Founder & CEO, Didit
  • Speakers:
    Christine Bon, M.A., Manager, Digital Marketing and Communication, Advocate Health Care
    Rod Holmes, Partner, Chicago Style SEO

Next-Generation Website Usability: How to Optimize Your Site for the Best User Experience

Is your website not getting the traffic you expected? Does your site have a high bounce rate and low engagement? This session provides step-by-step checklists and examples to help designers, developers, and other web professionals identify and fix site issues to ensure they're following best usability, user experience (UX), and findability best practices.

  • Identify usability best practices for desktop/laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Dos and don'ts for website navigation
  • Actionable recommendations that provide immediate improvement in site performance
  • Plenty of tips, techniques, and resources for do-it-yourselfers
  • How to select the right tools for your business
  • How to streamline usability, UX, and findability site audits
  • Speaker:
    Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Improve Lead Quality to Increase ROI: Unclog Your Pipeline of Poor Leads

Learn how ABM generated more than a 3000% return on advertising spend by consolidating its marketing efforts internally and focusing on improving lead quality through tracking in marketing automation and CRM. The session will outline specific tactics to improve lead quality through organizational alignment, strict keyword targeting, ad testing, and competitor targeting.

  • Moderator:
    Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive
  • Speakers:
    Mike Nierengarten, President, Obility Inc.
    Jamie Rowe, Lead Generation Program Manager, ABM

Wednesday, November 5


Ad Optimization Best Practices: Create, Test, Convert

The difference between a PPC pro and someone who "runs some search campaigns" can be summed up in one word: Testing. A pro knows that testing is the only way to know for sure that a PPC campaign is working as hard as it can - and that results will steadily improve. This session will look at:

  • A testing framework for ad copy, including specific tactics for accomplishing different goals
  • Landing page testing - do you need to change the landing page based on device?
  • Keyword testing through broad match
  • Moderator:
    Bryan Eisenberg, NYTimes Bestselling Author, bryaneisenberg.com
  • Speaker:
    John Gagnon, Bing Evangelist, Microsoft
    Frank Palmieri, Manager Creative Strategy, Yahoo

From PLAs to Shopping Campaigns: Hacking The New Product Search

Image-based product ads continue to grow at a strong pace, with advertisers shifting their attention and advertising dollars toward this next frontier in paid search. As consumers become accustomed to the immediacy and relevance of these highly-visual ads, expect Google to increase their prominence within search results.

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, learn practical tips to optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns, and maximize the ROI from this increasingly important channel. Key takeaways:

  • Understand the key differences between Shopping Campaigns and (the now phased-out) PLAs
  • Learn how to hack the auction by utilizing negative keywords and campaign-level priority
  • Receive testing ideas to increase reach and CTR by optimizing the product feed and ad-group/product-target structure
  • Bonus: mobile modifiers, special offers and competitive metrics
  • Speaker:
    Mosheh Poltorak, Customer Insight Specialist, Blinds.com

Assess, Diagnose, Fix: How to Become a Leading SEO Mechanic

Becoming a SEO "mechanic" means truly understanding how to analyze Organic data to perceive inefficiencies and problems in your SEO campaign. Beyond the assessment phase, you need to know how to quickly utilize the appropriate tools to discover what caused the Organic exposure breakdown and what is needed to get your online visibility up and running again.

Whether an issue arises from indexation, crawling inefficiencies, design issues, or over-optimization, you need to possess a diagnostic mindset to fix your SEO problems. Attend this session to learn:

  • Which areas of analytics are powerful eye-openers for portraying SEO issues
  • Which tools work the best for diagnosing SEO issues quickly
  • What causes common SEO issues and how to remedy them
  • How to create effective reporting to help monitor performance
  • Speaker:
    Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO and SEM, Tribune Publishing

Building Brand Authority through Quality Links, Content and Social

Social media is becoming the most direct way for marketers to reach an audience, but crossing the important line to influence and move consumers down the funnel is a constant challenge. Today's marketer knows that stepping on the social media stage doesn't just come with a spotlight; it's imperative to uncover the right place, the right time, and the right way.

This session discusses how marketers and brands can most effectively use social media to drive marketing strategy and boost the goals that mean most. Sub-topics include:

  • Twitter vs. Facebook: which is more effective, and how to measure and analyze the different types of effectiveness, from popular content to customer acquisition.
  • Next Generation Brand Ambassadors: beyond acquiring brand ambassadors, ensure that their content is optimal for your brand.
  • Success and Failure: who got it right and why; who got it wrong and why.
  • Speaker:
    Mark Josephson, CEO, Bitly

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