Learn the Latest Trends in Mobile and Local Optimization

Learn about the latest expert advice on mobile and local marketing, including how-to guides to using QR codes, taking advantage of local SEO methods and focusing on geo-targeting, smartphone apps, and approaches for marketing to consumers on-the-go.

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Driving Mobile Effectiveness through Killer Mobile Tactics


Be Where Your Customers Are

Advertise on Yahoo to reach the right customers. Every day, millions of people visit Yahoo to search for things, read the news, and check email, sports scores or stock quotes. You can reach the right ones for your business with ads available through Yahoo Gemini. Our solution for mobile search and native advertising dynamically builds your ad to be delivered to the right audience. In our session, our product experts will walk you through how to get started. We'll also provide the top ad best practices to get the biggest return on your investment.

  • Speakers:
    Nitin Kumar, Senior Director of Client Services, Yahoo
    Anjali Vaidya, Senior Manager of Ad Strategy, Yahoo
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The Future of Customer Engagement with Location Based Marketing

Location for a business is a treasure trove of data, often captured from current WiFi, beacons, and other interactive data points or sensors. Capturing local data, measuring local traffic, even divining Local Intent, are all on the roadmap for businesses large and small.

The LBS market is now being forecast to be almost $50Bn by 2019 and marketing professionals and business executives alike need to understand its reach, impact and capabilities to deliver real value.

This session will focus on the emerging Location-based capabilities and how those are being leveraged to deliver innovative new opportunities and business models in various industries. Attendees will learn the steps that every business can take to incorporate LBS marketing into its mix in addition to hearing details of various interesting and innovative use cases that are starting to emerge across the globe.

Key takeaways include:

  • How does LBS work and how is it being used to deliver innovative business models and revenue generation to various industries.
  • How are engagement strategies evolving and how can they be maximized to deliver personalized content directly to the clients' devices.
  • Case study demonstrating the above mentioned innovative marketing capabilities
  • Speaker:
    Brendan O'Brien, Director Global Marketing, Cisco

The Power of Mobile Ads: Innovative Campaigns

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