Learn the Latest Trends in Email Marketing

What tools do you use to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns? Learn real-world methods for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing email campaigns to get the highest return on your investment. This track will give you a firsthand look at how other companies have managed to surpass sales forecasts by using email intelligently and strategically.

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Thursday, November 6

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12 Tips for the Perfect Email Campaign

A financial institution drives open rates of 70%, and 21% conversion on their messages! A retail cataloger goes into panic mode if their engagement metric drops below 51%! A B2B company strives for 100% engagement and they sure come close!

What makes their campaigns compelling? What helps them drive phenomenal results? Why is email such an engaging channel for these brands?

Our 60-minute discussion will highlight best practices and lessons learned from industry leaders. Let these innovative, proven, and practical tips should guide your email marketing efforts.

  • Speaker:
    Sundeep Kapur, Digital Strategies, Allied Solutions

Test, Target, Engage: Measuring and Optimizing Email Performance


Pushing the Envelope: Thinking Outside the Inbox with Killer Content


Bring your Email to Life

What is the attention span of your email? How do you get a consumer to read through 30 lines, and view three different CTA's? How do you make sure that your email is understood? A personalized interactive smart video delivered in less than 90 seconds can make a powerful impact.

Interactive smart video is a new phenomenon that is improving the impact of email marketing. How does interactive smart video work and how can this enhance your email marketing?

Join us for a case study based discussion of a telecom leader, a financial institution and a major retailer. We will highlight content selection, segmentation, campaign analytics, branding, and actual conversion. All laden with tips to set course for your email marketing success!

  • Speaker:
    Sundeep Kapur, Digital Strategies, Allied Solutions

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