Learn the Latest Trends in Ecommerce Tactics

Ecommerce companies need to focus on specific ecommerce marketing tactics to ensure that they can compete with the leading ecommerce retailers. This track will center on key aspects of your digital marketing campaigns focusing directly on best practice for ecommerce sites. Featuring sessions related to social engagement, integrated marketing, mobile, analytics and creative campaigns this track is not to be missed if your business is in the ecommerce space.

Tuesday, November 4

Check out these sessions on Ecommerce Tactics, or view the full agenda:


Combine Data Mining and Site Search to Discover Long-Tail Keywords for Natural and Paid Search

Many site owners and marketers spend a lot of time analyzing natural search terms and user behavior through various Google's online tools, but an often overlooked resource is a site's search data. This data reflects exactly what site visitors, who are more likely to fit the target demographic, are typing in to the search box and gives a more accurate view into what terms site owners should be optimizing for.

Key take-aways:

  • How & when to mine site search data to understand the terms that are most popular among site visitors.
  • What's the right strategy to optimize site search results & natural search landing pages with appropriate meta tags, merchandising banners, dynamic content and other features?
  • How to discover long-tail keywords, which have a higher conversion rate, and integrating them into a search marketing strategy to increase traffic and conversion?
  • Speaker:
    Tim Callan, CMO, SLI Systems
    Elizabeth Gross, Director of E-commerce, Steiner Tractor

Achieving Authenticity: User Generated Video Content Transforms Storytelling Power in Find Yours Campaign

Brands need to be storytellers, but the most compelling stories usually come from consumers - they're not something brands can authentically create. Using the transformative power of travel, Expedia took a new approach to marketing and created an authentic voice with Find Yours, a multi-platform campaign featuring user generated videos that show the unique experience each person finds when traveling. Find Yours allowed Expedia to build a personal relationship with customers and become more than just a booking engine. In this session, participants will learn:

  • How Expedia identified a unique opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors
  • What digital marketers can do to amplify the power and reach of a campaign through a tactical, and holistic multi-platform approach
  • How a bold shift in Expedia's marketing strategy transformed the way the company interacts with consumers
  • Speaker:
    Noah Tratt, Global Senior Vice President Media Solutions, Expedia Inc

Innovate, Refine, Engage: Creative Advertising Ideas for Ecommerce

Ecommerce can be extremely competitive and thinking creatively about marketing plans can give merchants an advantage. Expand on your current strategies and take them to the next level with tips and tactics that yield immediate results while increasing ROI. Just in time for last minute holiday optimizations! In this session you will learn valuable tips that can be applied to multiple advertising platforms:

  1. Creative ad messaging to increases response rates and sales
  2. Maximizing the touch points in the buying cycle to increase conversions and engagement
  3. Top retargeting optimizations you need to send shoppers back for the win
  • Speakers:
    Chris Boggs, Founder, Web Traffic Advisors
    Lisa Raehsler, Founder, Big Click Co.

The Viral Video Paradox: How to Hit Viral Traffic by Producing Serial Video Content

Planning on a viral video is like planning to win the lottery. Sure, it happens on occasion, but anticipating that a video will go viral is not a reliable, sustainable, or likely plan. In this session, you'll learn why you should implement a non-viral approach instead.

How can you achieve viral-like traffic without having a viral video? Using the non-viral approach, Abe and his team have built several multi-million dollar brands from the ground up, as well as reinvigorated existing brands.

  • Speaker:
    Abe Niederhauser, Director, Analytics & Advertising, Orabrush

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