Learn the Latest Trends in Display Advertising

While display advertising has been helping sell products and support brands for centuries, its digital incarnation is only a teenager. What still applies and what's new? Discover the latest tools and trends in online display advertising including Native Advertising, Programmatic and more.

Thursday, November 6

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Follow, Reach, Convert: Innovative Retargeting/Remarketing

Many remarketers only customize the initial aspects of a campaign (dynamic ads, ad targeting) for an individual user prior to bringing them to their website to convert. But combining Remarketing plus Site A/B Testing or Site Personalization has the potential to improve your company's success metrics.

You will learn:

  • Case study for A/B Testing in Remarketing
  • Forward looking ideas for Personalization of Remarketing
  • Speaker:
    Erin Heffernan, Paid Search Account Manager, Optimedia US
    Seth Meisel, Remarketing, R&D and New Opportunities, Walgreens

Online Display Advertising Unwrapped: Key Tools and Trends

Advertising is all about reaching the right audience, at the right time with the right message to drive a conversion. As display advertising has evolved for marketers, so have the opportunities thanks to "big data" access. Advertisers now have access to huge amounts of audience data for targeting of display ads that includes website activity and analytics data plus offline customer data. Now, display advertisers are using demand-side platforms (DSPs) to reach their audiences across ad exchanges and optimize their campaigns to meet objectives. Many are also adopting data management platforms (DMPs) to better identify, segment, manage, and activate their high-value audiences and provide a holistic view of their key audiences across their business (online and offline) spanning third-party data sources.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Leverage advanced technology platforms to manage audience data and reach audiences with display ads/content in real-time
  • Implement effective audience targeting to address some display advertising challenges
  • Identify high-value audiences
  • Activate audiences for cross channel marketing, enabling advertisers to deliver a consistent and relevant experience across a display ad, website, and other channels
  • Speaker:
    Pete Kluge, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Advertising Solutions, Adobe

Programmatic Marketing: What's In It For The Online & Offline Retailer?

How we respond to digital advertising and online marketing has been changing as marketers have more and more tools to hyper target and communicate with niche audiences. Retailers and e-commerce merchants can now identify, speak, and communicate directly to their audience via digital programming and cultivate an active customer base.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Trends in programmatic marketing and how you can leverage it for your business
  • An in-depth case study in using digital ads to find specific audiences and communities (City Soles)
  • Tools that can be leveraged to assist you with your online campaigns
  • Measurement tools and benchmark criteria to monitor your performance
  • Speakers:
    Aalap Shah, Founder, SoMe Connect
    Scott Starbucks, Founder, City Soles

Social Advertising Spotlight: Improving Lead Gen, Engagement & ROI

By strategically navigating the constant changes in social advertising, marketers gain a competitive edge for better connecting with users through greater ad engagement. As social advertising continues to evolve, marketers must stay on top of new developments and leverage those opportunities to expand audience reach and generate a positive return.

In addition to sharing key social advertising tactics, this session will highlight where marketers can get the best return on their ad dollars on each social media platform, including how to:

  • Determine which social ad is most effective based on marketer goals/resources
  • Leverage photos & videos in promoted posts & tweets to boost performance & engagement
  • Utilize audience targeting capabilities to deliver relevant messages to drive engagement
  • Cross promote paid, owned & earned media
  • Set up Conversion Tracking to better track sales & optimize ads
  • Speaker:
    Jay Hawkinson, Senior Vice President, Emerging Products, SIM Partners

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