Learn the Latest Trends in Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing requires marketers and their teams to be able to collect, integrate, and analyze data from external and internal sources - competitive intelligence reports, global market research, on-site and off-site customer activities, social interactions, and more.

Marketing experts will explore the latest trends in data-driven marketing, including navigating the complex world of Big Data, best practices for targeting and retargeting ads, fine-tuning segmentation strategies, and being aware of the latest privacy regulations.

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Tuesday, November 4


Data Deep Dive: Understanding the Voice of the Consumer

Voice is an activation to purchase - the milestone of relationships. As we know, consumers do most pre-purchase research online, on their own initiative and only interact with a brand physically when going into a store or picking up the phone. This is the point at which the brand promise often does not live up to the customer's expectations.

Research shows that despite living in an always-on world, human interaction is valued by the modern customer, as 64% of people get frustrated when they are only able to interact with a company online. An overwhelming 74% said that speaking to an operator on the phone gives them peace of mind and confidence that they are getting exactly what they want, with 34% more likely to purchase as a result.

In this presentation we'll explore how we can leverage what we already know about the digital journey to drive happier customer experiences when bridging the online and offline divides. To not have data on the phone call affects business decisions, marketing optimization, customer targeting and acquisition, and above all reduces the value of the quality of all other data.

Learn how:

  • Customers of all age groups value human interaction when making a well thought out purchase online
  • What customers think about the offline experience especially when they pick up the phone
  • How to leverage the digital journey to improve the experience of customers as they move online to offline
  • Speaker:
    Bhavesh Vaghela, Chief Marketing Officer, ResponseTap

Using Data To Communicate & Tell Your Story

With powerful monitoring and analytics tools, pulling and analyzing large sets of data is seen as the future of public relations, marketing and storytelling. However, using the information to create actionable insights is an ongoing challenge for marketing and communications professionals. Explore how to use data to enhance the results of your communications programs. This session will help you use data better to tell your stories both externally to generate awareness and buzz for your brand as well as bringing data together internally to share results of your marketing and PR programs.

  • Speaker:
    Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google

Data, Digits and Decisions: Prioritizing your Digital Spend

Budgeting and allocating is hard enough within PPC search with engines keywords, match types, ad copy, ad-types, campaign structures, extension, devices... As a digital marketer you are being asked to prioritize digital spend across social media, display, video and "native advertising." Even investments in SEO and digital earned media are often the responsibility of the online marketing and analytics teams. In this session you will learn how to:

  1. Put in place the analytics you need to manage your business
  2. Understand the marginal impact of each click or impression
  3. Build data-driven, well thought out hypotheses
  4. Construct experiments and predictive models that will allow you to validate your hypotheses
  5. Gain the respect of your team as you suggest winning improvements, time after time
  6. Understand the basics behind how marketing mix models go beyond attribution

Both incremental improvements and leaps forward in campaign design and optimization all arise from data driven analysis and intelligent experimentation. If you are ready to take your campaign and your career to the next level, this session is for you because it provides you with the foundation to optimize all forms of media and marketing.

  • Moderator:
    Garry Przyklenk, Manager, Analytics Implementation, TD Bank Group
  • Speakers:
    Kevin Lee, Founder & CEO, Didit
    Farhad Rahbardar, Web Analytics Analyst, Axcess Financial

Optimizing Your Campaigns for Conversions

Driving clicks and traffic to your site is not enough. Advertisers need to better equip themselves with the right strategies and tools that will turn those clicks into conversions. Come join this session to hear details about the latest enhancements and tools available to take your conversions to the next level. Beyond familiarizing attendees with new capabilities and reports this session will review and share best practices which will:

  1. Enable attendees to maximize their use of tracking capabilities
  2. Explain how to analyze and draw real insight from conversion metrics offered
  3. Detail how to use those insights to drive new optimization strategies which accelerate conversion
  • Speakers:
    Anthony Crispo, Product Manager, Microsoft
    Alhan Keser, Senior Conversion Strategist, WiderFunnel

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