Agenda Day 2

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

8:30-6:00 Registration

Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association will share insights from the only research study to date that can measure the impact of Mobile versus the other media channels (TV, print, etc.). Called "SMoX", this global research initiative is being conducted with AT&T, Coke, MasterCard, Walmart and other major brands to provide the first empirical evidence that a marketing mix with mobile improves overall campaign results (i.e., same budget, better results). However, while the studies show that the optimized level of mobile in the mix could be 16%, it appears we have a LOT to learn to make mobile marketing better and to develop best practices for success. Greg will share early learning on what we know so far and where else we'll look to make mobile work even harder.

  • Greg Stuart Keynote Speaker:
    Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association
10:30-11:00 Morning Coffee Break in the Sponsor Area

Soon, virtually everybody will have mobile phones or tablets with high-speed broadband data connections that are faster than any thought possible. Super-connected Digital Natives are and will increasingly expect companies to provide excellent customer experiences and easy access to product answers immediately. Unfortunately for companies, the reality is that only 1 out 25 consumers will communicate this expectation. Consumers want their mobile phones to provide increased utility and convenience. Gone will be the days when companies can send emails saying they will get back to you in 24 hours. Consumers want it faster, better and easier. Companies can leverage this trend by improving the customer experience to ensure that the digital natives spread positive messages about their experiences.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How Alcatel-Lucent is working with telecom providers to provide better customer experiences.
  • How you can evaluate your product strategy development to make sure that you properly address the customer experience and the social community experience.
  • Examples of companies that are flipping their product offering upside down to align with customer needs.
  • How to change your mind set to align to customer experience needs.
  • Moderator:
    Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO and SEM, Tribune Publishing
  • Speakers:
    Olivier Sartor, Vice President Account Services and Social Media, Nowspeed
    Cassidy Shield, Vice President Marketing, Platforms Division, Alcatel-Lucent

This panel discussion will highlight the following content marketing initiatives that Monster have launched over the past few years. One example is PIVOT, where Monster partnered with an emerging TV network with a limited audience, allowing them to explore deploying ads with integrated content, produce a custom documentary, enjoy a social element and learn a number of things about new ways to condor content. This session will also look at going from ad/brand concentration to being part of the operating business, looking at how to manage and quantify ad spend as part of the business. This session will feature different strategies on how to use content marketing to reach your customers, including how to successfully implement social media into your content marketing strategy.

  • Speaker:
    Jeff Greenler, VP, Global Brand & Advertising, Monster
  • Big data promises and big promises broken
  • Cutting through the noise and getting to what matters most
  • Putting together a Big Data business case
  • Enabling a simple process to action quick ROI wins
  • Speaker:
    Garry Przyklenk, Manager, Analytics Implementation, TD Bank Group

The difference between a PPC pro and someone who "runs some search campaigns" can be summed up in one word: Testing. A pro knows that testing is the only way to know for sure that a PPC campaign is working as hard as it can - and that results will steadily improve. This session will look at:

  • A testing framework for ad copy, including specific tactics for accomplishing different goals
  • Landing page testing - do you need to change the landing page based on device?
  • Keyword testing through broad match
  • Moderator:
    Bryan Eisenberg, NYTimes Bestselling Author,
  • Speakers:
    John Gagnon, Bing Evangelist, Microsoft
    Frank Palmieri, Manager Creative Strategy, Yahoo
12:00-12:15 Session Interval

Advertise on Yahoo to reach the right customers. Every day, millions of people visit Yahoo to search for things, read the news, and check email, sports scores or stock quotes. You can reach the right ones for your business with ads available through Yahoo Gemini. Our solution for mobile search and native advertising dynamically builds your ad to be delivered to the right audience. In our session, our product experts will walk you through how to get started. We'll also provide the top ad best practices to get the biggest return on your investment.

  • Speakers:
    Nitin Kumar, Senior Director of Client Services, Yahoo
    Anjali Vaidya, Senior Manager of Ad Strategy, Yahoo
sponsored and presented by Yahoo

Consumer programs get all of the social and content marketing glory but B2B is where marketers can truly make an impact and move the revenue needle for their company. Great content builds brands, creates competitive differentiation and provides valuable leads. Even with this opportunity many marketers struggle with creating and scaling their content efforts. In this session you'll learn:

  • To think like a media company not a marketing department.
  • How to create content that actual humans and customers want to read.
  • Find your ideal audience and keep them.
  • Build a content distribution machine that drives traffic and conversions.
  • Measure what matters and track content ROI.
  • Speaker:
    Rob Begg, VP Enterprise Strategy, Hootsuite

This session will discuss how UX and SEO can work together to deliver aligned approaches that meet both conversion and SEO goals. Specifically, you'll hear UX-SEO approaches to content strategy, information architecture, site navigation, copywriting, mobile design, and landing page testing. This session is best suited for user experience and interaction designers, content strategists, and SEO professionals. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of common UX and SEO challenges, as well as the methodologies needed to successfully overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities.

  • Speakers:
    Antonio Casanova, Director of SEO, Starcom MediaVest
    Erik Peterson, Head of UX, DeVry University

Image-based product ads continue to grow at a strong pace, with advertisers shifting their attention and advertising dollars toward this next frontier in paid search. As consumers become accustomed to the immediacy and relevance of these highly-visual ads, expect Google to increase their prominence within search results.

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, learn practical tips to optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns, and maximize the ROI from this increasingly important channel. Key takeaways:

  • Understand the key differences between Shopping Campaigns and (the now phased-out) PLAs
  • Learn how to hack the auction by utilizing negative keywords and campaign-level priority
  • Receive testing ideas to increase reach and CTR by optimizing the product feed and ad-group/product-target structure
  • Bonus: mobile modifiers, special offers and competitive metrics
  • Speaker:
    Mosheh Poltorak, Customer Insight Specialist,
1:15-2:30 Networking Lunch

Location for a business is a treasure trove of data, often captured from current WiFi, beacons, and other interactive data points or sensors. Capturing local data, measuring local traffic, even divining Local Intent, are all on the roadmap for businesses large and small.

The LBS market is now being forecast to be almost $50Bn by 2019 and marketing professionals and business executives alike need to understand its reach, impact and capabilities to deliver real value.

This session will focus on the emerging Location-based capabilities and how those are being leveraged to deliver innovative new opportunities and business models in various industries. Attendees will learn the steps that every business can take to incorporate LBS marketing into its mix in addition to hearing details of various interesting and innovative use cases that are starting to emerge across the globe.

Key takeaways include:

  • How does LBS work and how is it being used to deliver innovative business models and revenue generation to various industries.
  • How are engagement strategies evolving and how can they be maximized to deliver personalized content directly to the clients' devices.
  • Case study demonstrating the above mentioned innovative marketing capabilities
  • Speaker:
    Brendan O'Brien, Director Global Marketing, Cisco

In the two decades that Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg have been recognized authorities in marketing optimization they have learned that asking the right questions up front beats chasing the right answers. Executives often ask them: "what is the secret to selling more?" or "why doesn't my team get it?" Every brand has a story, the real and the imagined, but not all stories are heard, nor are all stories believed. Your buyers would love to experience delight every time they interact with your brand. No nuance or detail is neutral. Every click, every conversation, every interaction either enhances the customer experience or detracts from it. Buyer Legends is a business process that uses storytelling techniques to map the critical paths a prospective buyer might follow on his journey to becoming a buyer. This process aligns strategy to brand story to the buyer's actual experience on their customer journey.

These easy-to-tell stories reveal the opportunities and gaps in the customer's experience versus the current marketing & sales process. These legends communicate the brand's story intent and critical touch point responsibilities within every level of an organization, from the boardroom to the stockroom. Buyer Legends reconcile the creative process to data analysis; aligning metrics with previously hard-to-measure marketing, sales, and customer service processes. The first result is improved execution, communications, and testing. The second result is a big boost to the bottom line.

  • Speaker:
    Bryan Eisenberg, NYTimes Bestselling Author,

Women represent a $14 trillion market, but within this increasingly powerful consumer group, mothers take the cake. Contributing $2.4 trillion to that figure, today's moms are a brand's most influential consumer, making nearly all household purchasing decisions - from grocery to automotive, health care and consumer electronics. But taking a one-size-fits-all approach when marketing to moms may backfire in a big way. This session will explore differences in the way that Gen X, Millennial, Working and Stay-At-Home mothers use technology to connect and share with each other, as well as insights into what works and what doesn't when engaging with this diverse demographic to build brand awareness and drive sales.

  • Moderator:
    Samantha Skey, Chief Revenue Officer, SheKnows Media
  • Speakers:
    Bohb Blair, SVP of Experience Design, Starcom MediaVest
    Kristin Hylek, Manager, External Communications, McDonald's USA, LLC
    Elena Parlatore, Quaker Digital/Social Lead, PepsiCo Americas Food

Becoming a SEO "mechanic" means truly understanding how to analyze Organic data to perceive inefficiencies and problems in your SEO campaign. Beyond the assessment phase, you need to know how to quickly utilize the appropriate tools to discover what caused the Organic exposure breakdown and what is needed to get your online visibility up and running again.

Whether an issue arises from indexation, crawling inefficiencies, design issues, or over-optimization, you need to possess a diagnostic mindset to fix your SEO problems. Attend this session to learn:

  • Which areas of analytics are powerful eye-openers for portraying SEO issues
  • Which tools work the best for diagnosing SEO issues quickly
  • What causes common SEO issues and how to remedy them
  • How to create effective reporting to help monitor performance
  • Speaker:
    Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO and SEM, Tribune Publishing
3:30-4:00 Refreshment Break in the Sponsor Area

Wondering how to leverage your local presence amongst all these updates in the search world? Search is an ever-changing environment and your local strategy should stay up to date with the most current changes. This session will discuss the latest trends and updates and how to optimize your local listings. It will cover important topics and factors crucial to your success in the local domain including:

  • Trends and updates - Pigeon update: What, How, Results
  • Local ranking factors
  • Most crucial KPI for success in the local ecosystem
  • Who are the most important partners dominating 90% of the local ecosystem
  • Speaker:
    Benu Aggarwal, Founder & President, Milestone Internet Marketing
    Richard Mastriani, Director of SEO, Wyndham Hotel Group

Join Tessa Gould, director of native advertising at The Huffington Post, for an insightful session on the fundamentals of creating an absurdly good native content campaign. The session will highlight key learnings and case studies gleaned directly from The Huffington Post's successful strategy for native content advertising.

  • Speaker:
    Lauri Baker, VP Brand Strategy, The Huffington Post

You think you know your audience. But how confident are you of understanding how (and why) they react to your campaigns?

This unique session will share surprising lessons that will optimize membership registration and ecommerce campaigns to help you identify principles that improve your own marketing campaigns, while getting a better understanding of how to put science into marketing via testing and optimization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How National Geographic tests its content to improve site engagement and subscription registrations
  • The 3 mistakes all marketers should avoid when optimizing their eCommerce funnels
  • How to systematically identify A/B testing opportunities and create test strategies that go beyond just getting "lifts"
  • Speakers:
    Taylor Kennedy, Senior Research Manager, MECLABS
    Mia Vallo, Senior Director, Marketing Analytics and Optimization, National Geographic Society

Social media is becoming the most direct way for marketers to reach an audience, but crossing the important line to influence and move consumers down the funnel is a constant challenge. Today's marketer knows that stepping on the social media stage doesn't just come with a spotlight; it's imperative to uncover the right place, the right time, and the right way.

This session discusses how marketers and brands can most effectively use social media to drive marketing strategy and boost the goals that mean most. Sub-topics include:

  • Twitter vs. Facebook: which is more effective, and how to measure and analyze the different types of effectiveness, from popular content to customer acquisition.
  • Next Generation Brand Ambassadors: beyond acquiring brand ambassadors, ensure that their content is optimal for your brand.
  • Success and Failure: who got it right and why; who got it wrong and why.
  • Speaker:
    Mark Josephson, CEO, Bitly
5:00-6:00 Happy Hour
6:00 End of Day Two

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