Agenda Day 1

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

8:00-6:30 Registration

When you have someone's attention and they have yours, what happens next? The answers to this question represent the future of marketing. Impressions, click paths, conversions, they're all important, but in an omnichannel world, what if the experience—not the transaction—were the outcome? Brian Solis will share the importance of experience in each of the four moments of truth and why the A.R.T. of Engagement will change how we think about marketing and ROI.

  • Brian Solis Keynote Speaker:
    Brian Solis, Award-Winning Author, Futurist and Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group
10:00-10:30 Morning Coffee Break in the Sponsor Area

You've heard the expression "a picture is worth 1,000 words". This expression refers to the fact that our brains process images and visuals quicker than text. Images and visuals are processed 60,000 times more quickly by our brains than text. As digital marketing becomes more and more crowded and cluttered, marketers and businesses need new tools to stand out and break-through the social media clutter. Visuals like images and videos are breaking-through the noise on social media and driving real results for businesses. This presentation will show you WHY visuals are so important and HOW they are impacting your social media marketing. If you are participating on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Blogging you can't afford to ignore the value that visuals play in enhancing your results. Discover tools, tricks and tips to creating amazing visuals that can easily connect with consumers and drive results. You don't have to be a professional photographer or a video expert to make amazing visual content that really stands out. Learn the secret tools that businesses are using to create stunning visuals that get real results.

  • Speaker:
    Krista Neher, CEO, Boot Camp Digital
11:30-11:45 Session Interval

With powerful monitoring and analytics tools, pulling and analyzing large sets of data is seen as the future of public relations, marketing and storytelling. However, using the information to create actionable insights is an ongoing challenge for marketing and communications professionals. Explore how to use data to enhance the results of your communications programs. This session will help you use data better to tell your stories both externally to generate awareness and buzz for your brand as well as bringing data together internally to share results of your marketing and PR programs.

  • Speaker:
    Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google

Details to follow.

  • Speakers:
    Nick Powills, Chief Brand Strategist, No Limit Agency
    Philip Schram, Executive Vice President of Development, Buffalo Wings & Rings

Brands need to be storytellers, but the most compelling stories usually come from consumers - they're not something brands can authentically create. Using the transformative power of travel, Expedia took a new approach to marketing and created an authentic voice with Find Yours, a multi-platform campaign featuring user generated videos that show the unique experience each person finds when traveling. Find Yours allowed Expedia to build a personal relationship with customers and become more than just a booking engine. In this session, participants will learn:

  • How Expedia identified a unique opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors
  • What digital marketers can do to amplify the power and reach of a campaign through a tactical, and holistic multi-platform approach
  • How a bold shift in Expedia's marketing strategy transformed the way the company interacts with consumers
  • Speaker:
    Noah Tratt, Global Vice President Media Solutions, Expedia Inc
12:45-2:00 Networking Lunch

It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation and an afternoon to destroy it. In this session we'll walk through the different ways that your reputation can be impacted, how you should prepare for an issue, and how you should respond. We'll go through real life examples of companies that have encountered some form of online reputation hit, either of their own creation, or by a third party. We'll talk about what they did, and what they should have done, with real life tactics that can apply to your business. So regardless of whether it's a Facebook slip up, an erroneous tweet, or a negative search listing, we'll talk you through the steps to prepare and recover your brand's reputation.

  • Speaker:
    Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc.

Many site owners and marketers spend a lot of time analyzing natural search terms and user behavior through various Google's online tools, but an often overlooked resource is a site's search data. This data reflects exactly what site visitors, who are more likely to fit the target demographic, are typing in to the search box and gives a more accurate view into what terms site owners should be optimizing for.

Key take-aways:

  • How & when to mine site search data to understand the terms that are most popular among site visitors.
  • What's the right strategy to optimize site search results & natural search landing pages with appropriate meta tags, merchandising banners, dynamic content and other features?
  • How to discover long-tail keywords, which have a higher conversion rate, and integrating them into a search marketing strategy to increase traffic and conversion?
  • Speakers:
    Tim Callan, CMO, SLI Systems
    Elizabeth Gross, Director of E-commerce, Steiner Tractor
3:00-3:30 Afternoon break in the Expo Hall

Soon, virtually everybody will have mobile phones or tablets with high-speed broadband data connections that are faster than any thought possible. Digital Natives with online social media communities will demand and expect companies to provide even better customer experiences and easy access to product answers immediately. Companies that fail to address these increasing customer needs will be slammed on social media quickly with devastating results. Gone will be the days when companies can send emails saying they will get back to you in 24 hours. Companies can leverage this trend by improving the customer experience and facilitating their micro-communities so individuals will use their social media power for positive messages.

Learn about the interaction of social media and customer experience in an ultra-broadband mobile world.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How Alcatel-Lucent is working with telecom providers like Verizon and AT&T to deliver a holistic customer experience and broadcast this success via social media.
  • How companies will need to evaluate their product strategy development to make sure that they properly address the customer experience and the social community experience.
  • How companies can build shared service plans like "Framily" and Amazon Prime to foster communities and customer stickiness.
  • Speakers:
    Olivier Sartor, Vice President Account Services and Social Media, Nowspeed
    Cassidy Shield, Vice President Marketing, Platforms Division, Alcatel-Lucent

Details to follow.

  • Speaker:
    Lisa Raehsler, Founder, Big Click Co.

Learn how ABM generated more than a 5000% return on advertising spend by consolidating its marketing efforts internally and focusing on improving lead quality through tracking in marketing automation and CRM. The session will outline specific tactics to improve lead quality through organizational alignment, strict keyword targeting, ad testing, and competitor targeting.

  • Speakers:
    Mike Nierengarten, President, Obility Inc.
    Jamie Rowe, Lead Generation Program Manager, ABM

This roundtable forum provides an opportunity to learn, network, and share information with peers and leading industry specialists. Roundtable discussions focus on various topics and each feature two experts. Choose the roundtable most pertinent to you and join the conversation! You may move freely between roundtables to make sure you get the most out of this session.

6:30 End of Day One

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