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Day 1 - Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Pre-Keynote: Overview of Today's Digital Media Landscape
Lauren Vaccarello, VP Marketing, AdRoll

Keynote: 10 New Media Trends Shaping the Lives of Modern Consumers
Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO, Zuckerberg Media and Editor-in-Chief, Dot Complicated

For Good Measure: Effective Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling
Jeremy Hull, Director, Bought Media, iProspect
Premal Shah, Vice President of Strategy, Chango

Attract, Engage, Convert: Smart Paid Media Tactics
Eugene Lee, EVP, Managing Director, Communications Media Inc. (CMI)
Lisa Raehsler, Founder, SEM Strategy Consultant, Big Click Co.

Data Deep Dive: Understanding the Voice of the Consumer
Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Creative Content Marketing: From Strategy to Execution
Clayburn Griffin, Sr. SEO Content Strategist, 360i
Michael King, Executive Director, Owned Media, Acronym

The Scoop on Converged Media: From Paid, to Owned and Earned
Andrew Delamarter, Director of Search and Inbound Marketing, Huge

The Marriage of Brand and Agency: Selecting the Right Agency for your Business
Adam Heimlich, SVP Digital Strategy, Horizon Media
Dave Rohrer, Senior SEO Strategist, Covario

Remarketing and Behavioral Ads: What's New?
Andrew Goodman, President, Page Zero Media
Christopher Hansen, President, Netmining

Local Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses
Andrew Beckman, CEO, Location3 Media

Rethink B2B Marketing: How to Turn Your Brand into a Digital Campaign Success Story
Geoff Colon, Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Michelle Killebrew, Program Director, Strategy & Solutions, Social Business, IBM

Next Generation Targeted Social Advertising: Leveraging New Ad Formats & Platforms
Jay Hawkinson, Senior Vice President, Emerging Products, SIM Partners
Paul Langtry, Senior Manager for Advertising Solutions, Adobe

Assess. Diagnose. Fix: How to Become a Leading SEO Mechanic
Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc
Josh McCoy, Lead Strategist, Vizion Interactive

The Power of Visual Storytelling: Building Brand Advocacy, Loyalty and Engagement
Krista Neher, CEO, Boot Camp Digital

From Landing to Converting: Driving Your Prospects to Purchase
Chris Goward, Co-Founder and CEO, WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization

The Analytics Swiss Army Knife: How to Mix and Match Tools to Home in on Consumer Intent
Josh Braaten, Associate Director of Inbound Marketing, Collegis Education
Nico Miceli, SEO & Analytics Account Manager, SEER Interactive

The Rise of Native Advertising: Connecting Brands & Consumers with Effective Content Distribution
Diaz Nesamoney, Founder & CEO, Jivox

Unlocking the Secrets to Mobile Video: YouTube Capture, Instagram & Vine
Larry Markovitz, Organic Search Director, Catalyst
Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR

Money for Nothing & Clicks for Free: Transforming Your Organization Organically
Anne F. Kennedy, President, Author and International Speaker, Outlines Venture Group
Lisa Williams, Director, Content Marketing, Search Discovery

Game, Set, ROI: Developing a Winning Search and Social Strategy
Joint Presentation
Thom Craver, Vice President, Development and IT, Internet Marketing Ninjas
Michelle Stinson Ross, Community Manager, Offers.com

Day 2 - Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Pre-Keynote: The Power of Branding Moments - Best Practices in China

Keynote: Reputation Roadkill: Learning From the Biggest Brands' "OMG" Moments
Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur.com

Big Data Uncovered: How to Gather, Analyze and React to Key Data Insights
Sean Coar, VP, Strategy & Business Decisions, Time Warner Cable Media
Benjamin Spiegel, Director, Organic Search Operations, GroupM

Facial Coding - A New Model For Video Measurement
Martin Salo, Partner, Product Director, Realeyes

Getting Your Site Found: Architect Your Way to the Top
Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Influence the Influencers: The Magic of Co-Created Social Content
Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Paid/Organic Social Psychographic Content Distribution! Conversion, Social Signals & Community Building
Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist, aimClear

5 Spying Strategies You Can Use Today to Dominate your Competition
Nathan Safran, Director of Research, Conductor, Inc.
Jamie Smith, CEO, Strategy Analyzer LLC

Badass Blogging: Transforming Your Blog into a Content Powerhouse
Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation, Catalyst Online

Cracking the Inbound Marketing Code: From Traffic, to Leads, to Revenue
Adriel Sanchez, VP, Demand Generation, SAP
Sebastian Turner, B2B Revenue Team, Twitter

Beyond the "Like": Social Media Tracking, Testing & Targeting
Joint Presentation
Tara Siegel, Supervisor Paid Search, eBay enterprise
Brittany Richter, Supervisor, Paid Social, iProspect

Mastering the PPC Challenge: Enhanced Campaigns, Adwords & PLA's
John Gagnon, Bing Evangelist, Microsoft
John Lee, Managing Partner, Clix Marketing

Context Marketing using WiFi Location Services
Brendan O'Brien, Director Global Marketing, Cisco
Christian Ward, EVP Partnerships, Yext

Hand in Hand: Combining Social and Content to Earn Visibility and $
Lisa Barone, VP Strategy, Overit
Erin Everhart, Director of Digital Marketing, 352

Nobody Cares About Your Emails: 7 Advanced Tactics to Drive Engagement with Lead Nurturing
Mathew Sweezey, Marketing Evangelist/ Author, Salesforce

Day 3 - Thursday, April 3, 2014

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Ad Optimization in Multi-Channel Digital Advertising
Matt Eichner, Director, DoubleClick Search, Google
Dean Skonieczny, Vice President, Adlucent

Responsive Design, Dynamic Serving, m-dot: Which Mobile Approach is Right for You?
Benu Aggarwal, Founder & President, Milestone Internet Marketing
Cindy Krum, Founder & CEO, MobileMoxie

Lord of the Links: Earn Your Way to the Top with Quality Links
Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting
Chuck Price, President & CEO, Measurable SEO

Pushing the Envelope: Thinking Outside the Inbox to Optimize Clicks and Conversions
Simms Jenkins, CEO, BrightWave Marketing
Jeanne S. Jennings, Vice President, Global Strategic Services, Alchemy Worx

Maximize Your Real-Time Bidding ROI: Top 10 Missed Opportunities
John Mracek, CEO, NetSeer

Innovative Campaigns - Engaging Customers with Interactive Video
Joint Presentation
Leslie Hall, Co-Founder and President, ICED Media
Erika Trautman, CEO and Founder, RAPT Media

2014 Digital Marketing Trends: Big Campaign Wins
Jim Yu, Founder & CEO, BrightEdge
Benu Aggarwal, Founder & President, Milestone Internet Marketing

Revolutionizing the Customer Journey: How Segmentation Can Drive Advocacy & Acquisition
Richard Chavez, Vice President, SEO, PM Digital

Work Smarter not Harder: Campaign Automation to Drive Extreme Results
Steve Hammer, President, RankHammer
Kye Mou, Product Marketing Manager, Marin Software

The Marriage of Social Media and PR: Making it Work for Your Brand
Mel Carson, Brand Ambassador, Majestic SEO
Brad Miller, Director of Business Development, Fathom

CRM Retargeting and the CMO/CIO Evolution
Dave Hendricks, President, LiveIntent

The Marriage of Social Media and PR: Making it Work for Your Brand
Roland Cozzolino, CTO, MediaMath
Tim Kirby, Sr. Enterprise Solutions Consultant, Marketo

How to Implement a Winning PPC Auditing Framework
Joint Presentation
Courtney Herda, Owner, Smarter Searches
Jonathan Kagan, Sr. Director of Search & Biddable Media, Results Digital

Schema.org: Best Practices to Make the Most of Your Markups
Marcus Tober, CTO, SearchMetrics Inc.
Brian Ussery, SEO Consultant, BEUssery LLC

Screw Link Building: Creating Revenue from Relationships and Brand Ownership
Ryan Jones, SEO Manager, Sapient
Adam Melson, SEO Team Manager, SEER Interactive

B2B Case Study - Ties, Tensions, & Reality of eBiz Integration
David Gray, Search Engine Marketing Manager, Analog Devices Inc
Motoko Hunt, President, AJPR

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